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    Questions about something purchased online private sale

    Hi... I have a few questions regarding a purchase of a football jersey I was buying from someone locally. The jersey had to be ordered, in which it was... I paid for the jersey in full prior to picking it up. I met the person to pick up the jersey and noticed that the jersey was fake...
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    FS ** PIRELLI P Zero tires 255/40/ ZR19 **

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    FS ** PIRELLI P Zero 255/40 ZR/ 19 Tires **

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    Hello there fellas... I found my next Mustang.

    Hi there guys... Its been a while since my last post.. A lot has happened since last "early" summer.. Well for those of you that don't know... I sold my 2003 Mach 1 (June 2014)... I also sold my 1993 Vibrant Red Cobra, 1992 Bimini Blue LX, My 1991 Cylypso Green LX and My 1992 White Mustang...
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    FS * 2 GO Pro Hero 3+ Suction Cup Mounts (NEW) * 1 Adult Chesty (NEW) * Go Pole used

    Hello everyone... I sold all my Mustangs and I had these two Brand new never used Go Pro Hero 3+ suction cup mounts for sale, a "Go Pole" for sale.... also selling a brand new Chesty for the Go Pro Hero3+. Suction Cup Mounts........ $25.00 each (includes all mounts and carry/storage bag)...
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    FS 2003 DSG Mach 1 Show Room 35K miles (100 miles on Rebuild) 816rwhp/723rwtq

    FS 2003 DSG Mach 1 Show Room 35K miles (1000 miles on Rebuild) 816rwhp/723rwtq Sold
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    FS 2003 Mach 1 Mustang 816 RWHP 723 RWTQ Best deal on SVTP!

    Its time to put my Mach 1 up for grabs... I'm not sad , I'm not hurting, I'm not going through a Just selling out ... Its time to focus on my Twin girls! A lot of you know about my Mach1. There isn't much to say about it other than its a very nice car, with big power but has the...
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    FS 1991 Calypso Green LX 5.0 Mustang 47,920 Original Miles

    1991 Mustang LX HATCHBACK 47,920 Actual Miles! SOLD!!! Lock it up!
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    FS 1993 Vibrant Red Cobra #3146 58,824 Original Miles

    FS 1993 Vibrant Red Cobra SOLD!!! 1993 Mustang Cobra #3146 58,824 Actual Miles! 100% Original Mustang Cobra! Vin Number 1FACP42D2PF175296 Vibrant Red Black Interior Power Diver Seat W/ Power Lumbar Power Lumbar Passenger Seat Power Windows Power Locks 4 Wheel Disk...
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    Dyno day 5/10. My moment lol 2003 Mach 1

    My moment on the Dyno! 816 RWHP 723 RWTQ 18lbs boost 135MPH!! Rippin!!! LOL everyone wearing ear protection!!! kPfmdcZ9qNk
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    Anyone in the 63012 area code feel like helping a fellow member out from Connecticut?

    Hi I'm looking for someone in the 63012 area code to help me out. I'm trying to buy a 1993 Cobra GT40 intake from online.. but the seller has no paypal and doesn't wanna ship... If anyone's is interested please text me or call me 860 - seven seven seven 8978 thanks Jon ..
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    FU*KIN FAST shift knobs For Sale

    OEM Ford Racing FU*KIN FAST shift knobs For Sale No longer making them...