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  • Watsup Nate seen a post where u were running a 2.76 and a 6lb lower, I'm just curious how it worked out for u in the long run, I'm thinkin of doing it myself, if it's not to much to ask shoot me a email [email protected]
    I just wanted to say that I miss you soooooooooooo much! We need to catch up add me on Facebook!
    Hey I purchased a m55 catback exhaust system about a month ago..Your videos is what got me interested in it by the way haha..anyways i currently have stock headers with an offroad prochamber and the m55 catback.. Do you personally think it sounds better with an off road x pipe? If so which one would you recommend? I was just thinkin about gettin a different sound from it and was curious if switchin midpipes would make a big difference.. Thank You
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