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    Radio Double-Din Backgrounds

    I know this is an old thread but I wish there were more Backgrounds out there.
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    FS: Billetflow Eaton Kenne Bell hub

    FS: Billetflow Kenne Bell hub I got a Billetflow Kenne Bell hub $45 shipped. I need a Billetflow eaton hub. I will trade even up.
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    WTB Billetflow Eaton Hub

    I need the hub and screws. Post a pic of what you got and price. PayPal ready.
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    Vitamin for your radiator

    Anybody try or hear of this? I am thinking of using it net year when I pull it out of storage. Vitamin for your radiator | VR-12 | Ultimate cooling system protection.
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    Gas Mileage High HP

    I was wondering if the people with high HP Cobras still get reasonable gas mileage if running 93? I know high HP usually equals low MPG but I ran a whole tank once and drove it like a Grandma and never hit boost got an extra 3 MPG so I was wondering if the higher HP cars since they are Fuel...
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    Rear Bumper cover rattles

    Anybody got a rear bumper cover that rattles? If you do how did you fix it? My car has 8100 miles on it and nothing should be rusted out under the cover. Rear bumper rattle 2003 Cobra 8100 miles. - YouTube
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    Pulleys VS Porting

    I would like 500 RWHP eventually, what is the best way Pulleys or a good SC port?
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    stiegemeier Porting

    Looking for people who had porting work their and their opinions, thinking about a port job next year.
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    Dyno Tune Question

    When you go to a shop and they Dyno Tune your car what happens to your original factory tune? Do they email or put it on a disc for you just in case you have to go back to stock for some reason? I never tuned a car but plan on it this summer so that is why I have the weird question.
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    My new Data plates

    Pictures do not due them justice. These are so crisp and clean they could be OEM. All I can say these are so nice, almost too nice to put on the car... I may just frame them and hang them on the wall. Interested just PM **Removed by moderator, he has not asked or received permission to...
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    OMG FTBR Installed

    My car facts.... 03 SB vert. no FLSC H&R race springs only on the rear with ISO's in Factory shocks 7,000 miles (almost a new car) So I finally got to pick up my car today from Bruce at FTBR. Seriously the rain has been killing my plans cause my car has 7,000 miles on it and I want no rust on...
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    New Facebook page

    I hope it is OK to post this here but there is a new Facebook page for Wisconsin SVT and High Performance Fords. It just started so it is small
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    Does your car have the Stock IRS or SRA

    Does your car have the Stock IRS or SRA?
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    Stock Radio

    Why does everyone want to keep the inferior stock radio when there are so many new radios that do so much more and sound so much better? I constantly read how people want to upgrade the stock system to add a sub or iPod/iPhone interface and it seems useless when new radios will do this plus so...
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    Show me your Driveshaft Safety Loops

    Looking for ideas and places to buy one. They don't need to be fancy but need to be functional. :thumbsup: While I am getting my FLSC installed it would be the perfect time to install a driveshaft safety loop if it needs to be welded in. I have bolted them in the past but I know technology has...