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    03-04 Cobra Demand

    HDPE events are usually 20-25 minutes in length...
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    03-04 Cobra Demand

    I must say even with the poor balance on these cars, you are right, you can compete with some pretty expensive sport cars in HPDE 3/4. I have very basic chassis mods and like you said, decent tires and track pads work fine for competiveness. I do have some engine and IAT2 temp concerns when...
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    03-04 Cobra Demand

    Thanks for the input.
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    03-04 Cobra Demand

    Pertinent thread - have been doing a lot of thinking selling and getting a track car. I have had my '03 for over 8 years. I started running it it HPDE back in '14, maybe 7 events total so far - making small mods like sub-frame connectors and H&R race springs to help with handling. Not sure how...
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    Shop Tour | We Visit VMP Performance

    Justin tuned my car at his home shop back in '14 - good to see the business grow. Saving up for my Gen 3R :)
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    I need advice on Enkei RPF1's over 13" Brembo's for Open Track Racing.

    I have the same rubbing issue on the drivers front hitting the fender inner liner, even messed up a harness that is in the area. I have H&R race springs, wih X2 ball joints, she sits low - I was thinking about a spring rubber. Did you ever solve your rubbing issue?
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    Which Alternator

    Just ordered my KMJ, I am on my 3rd failure with factory then reman, might as well try KMJ. The reman that just failed is less than 8 months old, one previous track event and a few street miles and just failed session 4 out of 4 at a track event this weekend - I'm sick of it. What pully sizes...
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    Cobra bogs after I shift

    Perfect! That is a good explanation. This anomaly has occurred a few times, scares the crap out of me I am so worried of running lean. Thanks
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    Racebronco hood GB #2 is a GO!

    I missed out. Anyone have one they want to sell?
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    Terminator in Nurburgring?

    I wanna see part 2 haa haa... Those Pirelli's seemed to handle pretty well. Good find thanks
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    Terminator in Nurburgring?

    I have ran mine 3 times at Sebring and once at Daytona. The second time at Sebring I had VMP actually de-tune it backing down the timing and adding some fuel losing about 7 HP. Even with that mod I could only run hard for about 2-3 laps at Sebring then had to wait for the IAT2 to get down to...
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    Vacuum Leak or IAC issue?

    I had this issue- idle would go from 700 - 1000 RPMs, worse when A/C is on. Replace the IAC, fixed that issue but now when I first crank it up the idle jumps to 1800 RPM for about 3 seconds then comes down to 900 RPM. I am hoping it is just due to the computer learning the new IAC.
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    NASA Daytona Nov 1st

    NASA Daytona Nov 1st (added new vid link) Nice cool day that this car needed... NASA-SE combines HDPE 3 and 4 so it was a little busy out there at times. Here's a link to a first day run. 2/23/2015- I got lucky and scored some free Daytona...
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    Rotor Pad Combo For A Heavy Terminator- Need Advice

    Last time out at Sebring, I warped a stock set of rotors and went thru a set of Hawk DTC70. This time out, I had a brand new set of slotted rotors and DTC70, cracked the passenger sider rotor, pads are spent. I bedded them per procedure. What rotor pad combo do you guys recommend for a 3600...
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    Sebring NASA March 2014 Vid

    Wish I could make it to the June NASA event... Looking at some previous video will have to do for now. In this clip, my instructor suggested that I take my buddy who was here for his 1st HPDE event and show him the track. Made my best attempt to show him the proper lines...