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  • ninety5fiveoh I need the bracket made for the CTSV6 piston caliper so I can mount it on my SN 95 spindle can you help with this please 912-322-2135 name is Terry​

    My question is this- I puled everything from the 03 donor car (gauge cluster, ecm crrm, fuel tank , electric junction box cruise) basically the only thing I didn’t grab and think about originally was the body harness.
    So I found another body harness but out of a conv… will this work being that I have a coupe and all the other harness from the cobra I originally pulled were for coupe?
    After reading your post about the build a few times over to make sure I covered everything on my 2001 factory black bullitt/03 swap I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions? By the way, your car/build is out of this world and im lucky if my car looks even half as rad once im on the other side of this build !!
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    Wow that looks awesome, love the color combo! There were actually 2 Bullitts at the show with flat bottom wheels; mine was in the Kooks Headers booth. The other one was out in the field with the CCW D110 wheels on it. Glad you are liking the wheel!
    Anyways about 3 years ago, I saw your steering wheel on a forum post here and I had to HAVE it and I saved that pic on my computer. The price scared me a way for a while but when I decided to go to the AM show this weekend, I knew that would be something to make my car unique so I pulled the trigger on it. I just created an account to let you know this (and thank you for the design),
    Hey, I think I saw your Car at the American Muscle Car show this weekend! At least I am pretty sure when I saw the flat bottom steering wheel in your car and the fact it had CT plates, since I know your profile said your from Fairfield. (im in Milford) I was in the VIP lot in a Silver 01 GT literally 3 rows in and about 2 cars away across the street where I saw your car parked. was that you?
    Hey there - name on the order is Ryan McCallum - got a flatbottom wheel with alcantara sides, black leather top/bottom with a saddle color centerline and stitch. Thanks for the help!
    Just saw your post and thank you for the link - I couldn't find it on their website. This looks like an awesome option and I can't wait. Thank you!
    Hey there - I came across your flat bottom wheel thread for the SN95 cars - was hoping I could get some more information about what's all involved and pricing.

    $110 shipped. I have it listed for $125 shipped, just wanna get it out of the garage. You can shoot me a text if you want; 973-787-4640.
    What's up dude. Nice car you got. I'm looking for an irs suspension for my 2000 mustang. I'm building a drift car with hand controls. If that red vert u picked up still has the irs in it and u wanna sell it please let me know. My name is Greg and I'm from central NJ. My # 9084212821 thanks
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