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  • hello sir... i beleive i have one of the problems in my t56 that you have described in a post from a few months ago. I had a shop install a centerforce clutch, fidanza aluminum flywheel,ford racing tob, pilot bearing, and a liberty gear 26 spline input shaft. Everything was fine for the first 500 miles...I never went over 3000 rpm. After the break in I drove it from 3000-4500rpm for 200 more miles. I took it a few runs on the freeway til 5000rpm. The next day the transmission was emitting a weird shrieking but not exactly like a tob shriek even in the neutral, foot off the clutch pedal. It was getting stuck in 4th gear, i cannot drive the car in 5th or 6th without the transmission sounding like there something banging around. Even if I use only the first 4 gears, 3rd and fourth seem to grind unless perfectly rpm matched or double clutched. Does this sound like a case of improper shim adjustment? Thank you very very much for your time.

    John Chung
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