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    HI Sid, I'd like to know if I could change my username from Blue Poison to Orange Poison? I...

    HI Sid, I'd like to know if I could change my username from Blue Poison to Orange Poison? I do not own my Sonic Blue cobra anymore, and now have an Orange fury mustang GT. I do plan on purchasing a Twister Orange GT500 if I can get one. Anyways, I've been a member for years. So I...
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    Good Paint Protective Film installer in Southern California (LA area)

    Hello, I'm supposed to take delivery of my new '18 GT Orange Fury Performance Pack in a couple of weeks and I'd like to install protective paint film on the entire front end for peace of mind. Can someone recommend a good installer in the South Bay area/Los Angeles area? Your help is much...
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    Is there a new 500 on the horizon?

    Decided to forego the GT350, and get a new Raptor when it comes out. I'd like to get the next gen GT500 to go along with the truck. Any news? Will there be one? Thanks!
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    Can you still track a GT350 with the tech package?

    Will you still be able to take this car to say... Laguna Seca... IF you don't have all the extra coolers without damaging something?
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    How many years is Ford gonna produce the Raptor?

    I love this truck, I want one. :rockon: Can't get one in a year or so, but would like to in the future. How many years did Ford announce they were gonna produce this truck? Thanks for you help, Tony
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    Replaced is still dead, need help

    I replaced my battery today, and no power, nothing. Dead as a door nail. Couple of weeks ago I tried starting my car and I knew the battery was getting weak due to lack of me driving my car enough. I tried starting it and all I was getting was that clicking sound. A week later...
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    Flowmaster American Thunder Catback for 99-04 Cobra

    Great Condition (tips are immaculate)....only had on car for 1,000 miles, never seen bad weather or rain. Asking $150 obo..... Here's the catch...can only Sell to California residents, cannot ship.
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    Valencia color?

    Does anyone know or can you tell if Valencia is a yellow or an orange color? thanks
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    No Shelby GT500 at the L.A. Auto Show

    Well, got off the phone right now with SVT and the fella I spoke to said there will be NO production Shelby GT500 at the L.A. Auto Show. :cuss: Only at the Detroit show. That certainly is a buzz kill for me. BTW: When the person answered the phone he said "Ford Performance" not SVT...
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    Vista Blue on GT500?

    I was just looking on another Mustang website and Vista blue is replacing Sonic blue and it looks almost identical. Has anyone else seen it and do you think it will be available on the GT500? Thanks
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    Flowmaster CB American Thunder 99-04 Cobra

    For sale, Flowmaster American Thunder catback for 99-2004 Cobra Less than a 1,000 miles on the car. I had them installed by good exhaust shop so they tack welded the two pieces together. Exhaust fit great on my 03 Cobra. No issues of rubbing, tips lined up perfect. Asking $150...
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    For those running BFG DR's...

    Thinking about getting some for the street since the F1's can't seem to grip.. Question: For those running them on the street....are they sandblasting (chipping up) your rear panels behind the wheels from the extra debris? Or is it the same difference as running stock F1's Thanks...
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    Knott's Fabulous Fords Forever

    Anyone going this Sunday? We all usually meet up at the Denny's on Orangethorpe.
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    Hum sound from dashboard area

    Anyone have or notice a "slight" hum sound coming from the dash area. I notice it with the radio off and pulling out of the garage. I notice it while at idle and does not get louder when I give it gas. I thought I might have noticed it too while standing outside my car when opening my...
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    Autorox on Spike

    Anyone see this show on Spike TV hosted by Joe Roggin and Carmen Electra? Well don't's a waste of time.....RETARDED to say the least :kaboom: