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    Kobe Bryant Jumps A Moving Car **Fake or Real**

    MySpaceTV Videos: Kobe Bryant Jumps A Moving Car by Nun Of Your Business
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    Can Anyone Help A Girl Out? **SIG REQUEST**

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    I love my M1A

    Went shooting yesterday and I finally got to shoot my new M1A. BTW: Those aren't my targets in the vid. My targets can not be seen in the vid.
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    What An Idiot!!!

    Click the link and listen to "Jeff's Drunk Rant" What a Fing idiot!!! :nonono: I unfortunately know this person. I'm not friends with him but I know him. :nonono:
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    Saw this on another forum. :dw:
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    Pregnant Jamie Lynn Speaks Out wow lol :pop: The end worried me :poke:
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    Well, just wanted to say....

    I'm another noob on here. Hi :)