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    93 Cobra Coyote Clone 1 of 1 6R80 Select a shift conversion

    Car went [email protected] tonight. Make offer, perspective buyer got to see the car run at the track tonight.
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    2013 GT500 WIDE BODY

    I'm glad to see you completed your build but sad to see you sell it. I love mine, do you have the car listed anywhere else?
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    WTB 4 lug aftermarket Fox wheels

    A friend of mine just purchased a 54k original mile 86 GT and wanted some era specific wheels for his car. Possibly Enkei mesh 16" ROH 17" or any thing anyone has that might be a nice wheel combo Back spacing is crucial as the car is lowered. Thanks Andy! Post up what you may have
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    Adding some hook to the 500!

    Suspension upgrade today, getting prepped for the motor swap coming soon! Welded in the relo brackets Welded the axel tubes for some added strenght also.. My plan is to hook 1000 RWHP on the street!
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    Stock mufflers with custom tips

    I'm not happy with any muffler choice other than stock so I'm going to be installing some type of black tips on my stock mufflers. I'm looking for double wall, beveled tips in black like the MagnaFlo or Corsa. Has anybody done this already? If you have can you share some pics of your...
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    My 2013 Shelby Widebody

    After selling my 2008 GT500 in 2012 to buy a 13 when they debuted...... the 13 GT500 fully optioned car cost was not to much for me to spend but to much for a Mustang in my opinion. I wanted a newer Shelby to eclipse the path I'd laid in my 2008 Shelby, which was a tall order. I had made it a...
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    FRPP Twin 65 mm T/B, JLT Carbon 127 and BPS inlet

    I'm upgrading to the XBA and KB single blade T/B. I have a FRPP twin 65 mm T/B, JLT 127mm Carbon Fiber CAI and a BPS over sized S/C inlet that is powder coated Ford wrinkle blue like the 13-14 GT500 valve covers. I'm selling this as a 3 piece package unless I can get buyers to commit to buying...
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    GT500 Brotherhood forum....

    Seems as if gone are the days of common respect in the Forum. I can remember when the GT500 section first came about there was so much respect for the common group members. Often I see bashing or people just trying to cause drama on the boards in the 13-14 GT500 section. I'm hoping we can all...
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    Factory wheel finish

    Does anyone know what the factory wheel color is called? It looks like paint but I'm not sure if it is powder coating or not. I'm going to be getting some different wheels soon and want to keep the custom wheels the factory color. TIA Andy
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    New Fog Lights for my GT500

    Since purchase I've wanted to upgrade my fog lights to match my factory head lights. I got with Jared from Lethal and he had a great solution the XML2 from Diode Dynamics. I was excited and got the fogs installed immediately. I couldn't be happier with the new look. They match and compliment the...
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    Project BK2DFTR Goes 9.68

    First full pass at the track, still need to dial the shit points some as she tapped the rev limiter on a couple of shifts. Current rev limiter set at 7200 RPM Project Back 2 the future is a Aluminator Coyote 5.0 with the only 6R80 select-a-shift conversion up and running. The car has a Circle...
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    First outing at the drag strip!

    Really enjoyed rip'in down the track in a GT500 again. I sold my 2008 in 2012 and waited to by a 13-14 M-Y GT500. Thanks to Van @ Revan Racing for the guidance with the Mods, Sylvain @ BPS and also to Ken B. @ Lund racing for the tune! Mods are ATI 10% O.D. w/Blue gates racing belt, BPS...
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    WTB Oil cooler 03-04 Terminator Cobra

    WTB an oil cooler for 03-04 Terminator Cobra, PM or Text Andy @ 561-632-9125 for faster response.:thumbsup:
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    Shifter knob options

    I was wondering if you guys like the ball style shifter knob or prefer something different. Anyone change their shifter knob and feel it's better? I don't care for the round ball style to much and thought I would see what everybody else thought. Thanks Andy