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  • Ive been trying to post in terminator talk a thread call "first cobra" it keeps telling me its waiting for MOD approval and i cant seem to get any response from the other MODs. any help would be appreciated. thanks, chris!
    Is it possible to get a negative trader rating removed that was left by a crazy person? I have a thread in the engine parts forum in which a guy felt the need to leave me a negative rating and I never even agreed to sell him parts. Someone else bought the parts and he missed out.
    Hello and how are you doing? My name is Preston Snow and my dad's name is Jody Snow (another_hero). I made me a profile using my dad's laptop and using his gmail and the same password as him. I logged on a few mins ago and it banned my dad from his account...saying for multi user names. I don't know who I really need to talk to but my dad will be mad when he gets home and can't get on his fav site. Right now I'm om my moms laptop. The reason I made a account was to learn things and ask things to help/buy my dad without him knowing it was me and noting his account. I know he will see this if he gets on my moms pc and that's ok cause I will have to tell him later. PLEASE help me get my dad's account back to his was my bad to use his email and password!!! I don't have an email but guess I should have made one. Please if anyone you know that can fix this for me and I will never sign in under my account again (south_ga_cobra). Please send pm asap to another_hero....thank you
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