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    Time to experience some German engineering

    Bet that's a blast on a track or backroad!
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    McLaren Answers Tesla and WINS...

    Too ****ing expensive.
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    Ford Bronco on the Rubicon Trail

    This is the best video I've seen so far of the new Bronco offroad in the hands of a talented driver. I'm diggin' the way he built his rig!
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    My first thought was that it would be competing with the Honda Ridgeline. Who knows…
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    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    I've got brand new Dainese leathers, boots, and a brand new helmet. Intended to get back into riding last year and just haven't...real shame.
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    Your Current Shaving Hardware???

    A gift from my wife years ago. No complaints.
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    Don't forget to relax too

    I've been around these forums for a while now. So I feel like I can say this around here. That said, I'm not a public speaker. I don't represent anyone but myself. It feels a bit awkward to post this way. But I do deal with the public for a living and have been for years. There are some things...
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    Goodbye SRT, Hello ...... Turbo S

    Hard to go wrong with a Porsche 911
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    Any Mac Book Users?

    Get the Air. You would know if you needed more processing power. And I doubt many people actually need anything more than what these new machines offer. My wife has one and she loves it. Bought it just after it released. It's the upgraded 8Core CPU/GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. It's silent, fast...
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    'Holy grail' 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 worth millions up for auction tomorrow @ Mecum Glendale, AZ

    Another (IMO overpriced) collectors car that'll spend it's whole life parked behind a rope. Never to be enjoyed. I'm probably just being grumpy, but I just don't get excited anymore by high dollar cars that just sit in collections.
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    2022 Lexus IS 500 F

    Lexus + V8 = I’m interested Great lines. Decent power. Top notch build quality. Manufacturer reliability record. I’d love to own one as a DD.
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    2021 Cadillac Escalade Diesel | MotorWeek Quick Spin

    It’s too flashy for me, but I can appreciate the technology in that thing. I want a 36 speaker stereo in my daily driver. Total road trip machine!