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  • Hey I saw you mention in an exhaust post that you're running solid axle, what exhaust setup fits? I've got solid axle also and need to replace my exhaust from x-pipe back but not sure what's gonna fit, GT? Mach-1? or does it have to be custom bends? Any advice is appreciated!
    Saw you are local. Would like to invite you to the Bold Moves Mustang Club in Tulsa. We have members from all over the state and surrounding states. We have a forum...jump over there and Register. We have an introduction section to introduce yourself and your ride.
    Bold Moves Mustang Club, BMMC, Mustang Clubs, Tulsa Mustang Clubs - Portal

    See you over there!
    What's going on man? I'm currently out at Balad. NE Oklahoma, huh? I guess it is a small world. Take care man.
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