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    Remains of U of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found...killer was illegal immigrant

    I'm arguing hypotheticals because it has been assumed that he wouldn't have killed this girl if he weren't here illegally. He didn't just wake up one day and say, "hey, I'm here illegally, let me go find a girl to kill today." And so that means that the other 83% of the prison population is...
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    Remains of U of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found...killer was illegal immigrant

    And how do you know that, exactly? How do you know that he couldn't have entered into the United States legally? Because the news tells you so? The kid killed someone and would have probably done it irrespective of his status as legal or illegal.
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    Remains of U of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found...killer was illegal immigrant

    I'm sorry, but you guys are all idiots. That he is an illegal immigrant has nothing to do with this, to be quite frank. In case you forgot, a white man (a U.S. citizen, at that) just murdered his family in Colorado (which included LITTLE GIRLS, minors, individuals who probably had no idea that...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    The true, yet sad, reality.
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    7.3 Diesel BROS

    I'm actually in the same position as you, OP. I'm currently looking for a 7.3, but I can't seem to find any with less than 150-175k miles on them. I'm interested in seeing opinions concerning the reliability of these trucks at this mileage -- I need to tow my 67 about 1,700 miles in January. I...
  6. S this wrong?

    DUDE! Wake the f888 up! I am not sure why people are bashing you about your materialistic wishes, but that shouldn't really be relevant to this discussion. Your posts clearly demonstrates why you're upset (see bold/underlined statements above). She's not cleaning, doing laundry, or preparing...
  7. S this wrong?

    That's where you're wrong, my friend. Your wife quit her job so that she may raise your children when they were young; you remained employed. Although a turbo-feminist may disagree with me, you and your wife divided up the responsibilities of successfully maintaining a family at that time. Now...
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    Suggestions on welder for first timer?

    Flux core doesn't suck.. I recently used one to change the floor pans on my 67. It's just a messy cleanup. Stick with a MIG welder. I would go with a flux core if you're on a budget or don't really have access to a garage (wind purposes).
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    Since when did Mustangs become hipster cars?

    I'm not sure that you understand the definition of "hipster." Rather, do you mean that Mustangs are no longer being owned primarily by people who enjoy wrenching, racing, and wrecking at Mustang Week?
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    For those who travel often for work...Best Hotel Discounts? AAA worth it?

    OP, have you never heard of AirBnB? I've used it multiple times and my experiences are much better than those at hotels.
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    Can you please shut the **** up?!

    You're upset that your girlfriend is communicating with you? People are telling you to leave her (if she does not reduce her texting)? Quit being a little beta, either tell her how you really feel or turn off your phone's notifications (you can check back your notifications when YOU want to)...
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    Columbia, SC

    Too bad I did not see this earlier. I know of a few good shops in Columbia.
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    The housing market

    Charleston is a housing nightmare. I expect the area's housing market to burst soon(ish).
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    Texting and Driving

    OP, I represent injured parties who are involved in motor vehicle collisions here in S.C. If you think that the number of people who text and drive in this state is absurd, you'll be shocked to see the number of UNINSURED drivers in this wonderful state. You'll also be shocked by the number of...