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  • I think you are right about the 5W-20 and cafe requirements. i guess it is possible, but i don't see how that oil could give the durability of a 5W-30. i have a 2010 shelby gt500 and it calls for 5W-50 synthetic, yet has less compression and doesn't turn the rpms of the coyote engine. i'm hoping with an iron block and 5w-50 oil this engine will last a long, long time
    Hey boss where did you get the gauges on the dash of your L? I like that look alot, appreciate any info. Mike
    Matt, i live in deerfield beach. Where does kevin mcdonald tune out of? Have 2012 gt/cs 6man 3.73 and just did 1st mod(airaid cai), have not bought sct yet, tryin to figure who to buy off of and who to tune? Any help appreciated!
    Hi Matt,

    I saw your interest in the 2004 Saleen.
    If you are thinking about selling your L., please let me know...I'm in Jupiter

    Thanks Robert
    surfdog 93 at hotmail dot com
    where did you get the LnS oil separator at. And also you say you are running a SC pvc on the drivers side? Do i just get that the autoparts store? Thanks
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