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Sequim Snake
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May 12, 2017
Jun 2, 2012
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Sequim WA

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Sequim Snake

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May 12, 2017
    1. Husky44
      Messaging is a little different on this forum... I hope I get this right.

      Thanks for the compliments. It's a 40 year dream come true for me. When did you graduate from CHS? My daughter graduated from there a year ago. My son actually graduated from Capitol HS in Oly. Never made it around to Sequim, always heard that I'd like it there. Loved Oly summers, hated the winters. Looking to get out of AK though. Ready to move somewhere that I can drive my vert all year round.

      No "plans" yet, still researching. Probably won't do any engine mods; this thing's insane as it is. #1 priority this winter is figuring out how to get that power to the ground. Going for wider tires first. Don't want to do a bunch of suspension mods, as I've got the adjustable suspension, and I'm pretty happy with the ride/handling as it is. May do LCA/UCA if the new rubber doesn't solve the traction problem. Once I get it hooking good, I'll decide if I want to do the 3.73 swap or not.
    2. Sequim Snake
      Sequim Snake
      Thanks for the reply, I'm not a real fan of boxed tunes and I wanted to have it base lined prior to the tvs install!! Thanks for the offer to help install!! When I get it I'll definitely take you up on that offer, if you're still around. I haven't the funds yet, I need to unload my 2008 Busa before I do. Too many toys for the few sunny days we Get. I have heard good things of the mustang shop, that will defitely be the place I go for the tune. As for the injectors, I was hoping to get around them, being that I have a 12 and they have that little fuel pump bump. As for the cai? You dont think the stock 12 cai would suffice? I have to be very carful with my modding addiction :p I really don't want to do too much too it. I know I know, just a tvs :p
    3. Proto
      I've since gotten a set of 72lb injectors, 123mm JLT intake, and Dual 67mm VMP Throttle. Justin sent me a revised tune for these parts which made it run like pure shit! So as far as i'm concerned VMP's tuning capabilites are dead to me. I would have Andy at TMS tune if for me but i'm soon to be heading back to NC, so i'll have my hometown tuner take care of me.

      The install is stupid easy man! We can do it in my garage if you'd like. Took me an hour. But yes, if i could do it all over, i would still go with the TVS! The only con to it i would say is the ridiculous amount of low end torque! Get use to wheel spin, ha.

    4. Proto
      The VMP TVS is quite good! I would suggest not just getting the TVS alone as the limits of the stock injectors are well over 80% duty out of the box. I would suggest ordering a set of 72lb injectors and an intake with a 123mm or larger MAF housing as the MAF counts are very high with the 110mm intakes from companies like Steeda, Ford Racing, K&N, etc. JLT is the only company i know of now that offers a 123mm and also a 127. Out of the box, i ran the TVS with the stock throttle body, stock injectors, and a 113mm Steeda Intake, and VMP's email tune for the TVS. I took it over to Kent to have it baselined at TMS (The Mustang Shop). That's when i found the injectors and MAF were on the riskier side.
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