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    Doug finally reviewed the 2000 R

    Drove two different wrx, 2008 and 2014, both turds. I have no idea why these cars are so hyped. Basically an awd civic with a turbo but a lot less reliable. Id rather take the bus than be seen in a wrx.
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    Z06 vs GT3 vs R8 drag race

    Yea josh herrin is a talented rider, i think he was with bmw and then yamaha or kawi before going to duc. Met him at laguna seca, i think hes about 5’5. I hope gm makes a ton of c8z’s kinda like ford with the gt350. That way they can be attainable by us ballers on a budget!
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    Z06 vs GT3 vs R8 drag race

    The c8z is on another level, it wasnt even designed with drag racing or roll racing in mind and it does pretty well. I just wonder how well it will respond to boost. Either way id take the z also, preferably in retractable hardtop.
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    Anyone see the 9.60 F-150 Cleetus is raffling?

    With cleeter's rep, I'd want both rebuilt. Dont care who built the engine/trans. I saw somewhere that cleet has gone through 9 RPM engines or who ever builds his GM cars.
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    2023 Honda Civic Type R | MotorWeek First Drive

    I was heavily considering this car but the adm that stealerships want kills it. I would only be willing to pay retail at 44-45k. Anything above that is crazy for a civic imo.
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    2023 Z06 on the rollers.

    Because new GT5 is a joke, it used dodge's formula of adding power to combat weight. Add that to the fact that Ford decided to use headlights from a 2015 car on their 2020+ car. The youtuber isnt bad, at least hes not like stangchode or the simp in blue. C8Z is definitely impressive putting...
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    Viper Build Thread

    @13COBRA where can i get those belly pan bolts, I seem to be missing some after not putting in loctite.
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    E85 Stock Turbo M2 Competition vs 1320 Trinity R GT500

    I got an M2C the other week. Needed a change from american cars. Fricken love it, my only complaints are the cheap-feeling shifter and the small gas tank.
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    Kong X Port C6ZR1 vs 3.8 Whipple GT500

    Great driving for the ZR1!
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    Viper Build Thread

    How much does the CC weigh? I'm guessing 2600/2700lbs?
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    Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cold Weather Performance...

    AO, i saw a Taycan Wagon on the freeway.... WOW, its THE BEST looking wagon I have ever seen. It wasn't even a turbo, just a 4. But heres what they look like:
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    Viper Build Thread

    Thats gonna be sick, Calvo built a gen 2 with a higher revving v10, it was so bad ass. I wish more companies built these engines. So cool.
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    Viper Build Thread

    Isn't Prefix working on a stroker 9.2L extreme motor? Or was that AC performance? What motor is currently in the CC?
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    Is Cable there with his car? I dont think his TT Viper is ready yet. I cant wait for that thing to get on the track, a TT Viper + sequential + more downforce than stock ACR. Should bring a fight to Feras' TT Vette.
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    C8 Z06 vs Huracan Evo vs 458

    What didnt you like about the gt350?