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  • What’s goin on, I just moved to Orlando a few months ago and have been trying to find a forum with active people or active Orlando group. If you get a chance to shoot me a msg with the what’s what of Orlando/Mustang would be appreciated.
    Curious about f150 trans in mustang and what strategy code did you use and why? Will be having mine programmed soon.
    I need help lol. 6r80 swap questions. I was trying to find your build thread since I will be using a truck trans. I have a few questions I'm trying to get answered so I know a little more of what I'm doing and not buying the wrong shit.
    Ok i didn't want it to be loud at all on normal driving. I'm gonn get with Dustin and go with this route. Thanks
    Saw your profile in a thread and the " Eat mor chiken" are you a chick fil A owner? My very close friends own one in Charleston SC
    d? choi ô tô | do choi oto | d? choi xe hoi | do choi xe hoi | n?i th?t ô tô | noi that oto | n?i th?t xe hoi | noi that xe hoi
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