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    I don't recognize any of you

    Man, I know its been a long time since I posted in here, but I don't think I have recognized a single screen name
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    S197 cover

    I have a real nice all weather cover for a S197 Mustang. I had it on my 07 GT it fit like a glove. I traded in the GT on a 08 SRT8 Charger so I don't need the cover. It didn't come with a carrying bag or anything, just the cover. I paid around $220 from FordSVTParts on here. It is only a...
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    Any VA lawyers here?

    If so, please PM me I (my wife) has an issue up there....
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    new daily driver

    well, i am taking the truck off the road as a daily driver. it will now be a weekend warrior. in its place i needed something with four doors. i took our low mile, paid off 2007 mustang gt in today and traded it on a brand new 2008 SRT-8 charger. the only option its missing is the back seat...
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    would like a photoshop of my Harley

    can someone please make the paint on this a flat black??? No pinstripes and no emblems on the tanks would be OK
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    Well, I haven't been able to lower my truck any more than I did with the 2" shackles because of my drive way. I had an 8" rise in my driveway where they didn't smooth down the curb. My truck, the mustang, and both motorcycles rub if I didn't come out just right. Well, the city guys game out...
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    I think there's a few bikers in here

    I picked up a new daily driver last week.
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    My new Road King

    picked it up last week. 2009 HD Vivid Black Road King. I am going from a Yamaha Vstar 650 custom to this hoss. Twice the weight, more than twice the power. I got it with a Skull collection Derby cover and a passenger backrest. It also has a windshield, but I ride with it off most of the...
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    Xcal2 question

    I am about to sell the Xcal2 for my Mustang to a guy. I set my car's tune back to stock. That is all you have to do to unlock it right?
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    S197 parts in the market

    Hey guys, I am trying to sell my GT, I am putting it back to stock now, I posted an ad in the market for a C&L and Xcal 2 kit. PM me if interested, thanks..... link to ad:
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    C&L Racer intake and SCT Xcal2

    I bought this and put it on our 07 GT. I am trying to sell the car, so I am going to put it back to stock. It was on the car for no more than 350 miles. It is the black plastic C&L tube, filter and heat shield. With it is a newer version (blue backlight) Xcal 2 with a tune written for the...
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    anyone looking for a new mustang?

    I listed one in the market, its a 07 with only about 5K miles. I need it gone
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    stealth bulb users

    Well you guys had told me either 3357 or 3457. I orderd them today and told them what kind of vehicle it was and they said P/N 3157 is anyone using that one
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    got my clear corners

    and they sent me ones for the explorer