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  • Yes, they are cool airplanes! I worked them on the eradication program in Colombia... The Dept of State pulled them out back in '08. 1 went to Nasa, others to museums, and I think California might have received 1 or 2.
    Hey SlowSVT--I too am going to use the fram HPK6000 remote filter mount. What fitting did you use to screw into the small port for your pressure gauge? I saw somewhere that pressure can only be read on the lower port hole in the base and not the one in the screen cover. Anyway, any help on what adapter you used would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Hey bro whats up i see ur from Pasadena, im from so cal as well, i live in Montebello have you done any mods to your cobra?, im thinking about going to R.E.T. to get the pulley, programer, and a tune done do you go to Irwindale speedway?
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