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    5.4 5.8 Intake Manifold With lower Cover

    This is a Cobrajet manifold that fits the 5.4 and 5.8. It comes with the lower cover but no intercooler. There are slight differences between this manifold and the standard GT500 manifolds. It will fit but would probably be best on a race car. Asking price is $900.00. You can contact me at...
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    Whipple 2.9 Elbow

    I have a brand new Whipple 2.9 elbow that I bought direct from Whipple to perform mods on. I never got around to doing it. This would be perfect if you wanted to use the new BPS 73 mm or any other larger TB's. You could do the mods without having your supercharger down. I paid $600 plus...
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    07-09 GT500 Whipple c.a.i.

    Thanks everyone for the interest, it is sold.
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    S197 Strange Engineering Bolt In 9"

    SOLD ! What a great deal he got!
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    Ford GT Supercar Stock Intake Tubes

    I have one brand new Ford GT Supercar intake tube. Part number 4G7Z-9B659-ca. Looking for $50 plus shipping You can pm me or my email is [email protected] I can take Paypal and credit card.
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    New I.W. 10% Overdrive Damper

    I am selling a brand new in the box never opened Innovators West 10% overdrive damper for GT500's. A friend changed his mind to get a new GT500 instead of modifiy the one he had. New list is $649.00 plus shipping he is asking $575.00 and will pay shipping in the lower 48 states. pm me or send me...
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    07 GT500 Vert To The Track

    I didn't get time to dyno my 07 vert GT500 after installing the L & M TB and Plenum this last week. A fellow board member invited me to go to the track on Sunday and I thought why not give it a try and see if I can tell how much of a difference they made. There are not many mods on my vert...
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    My L & M Throttle Body Just Came In

    I just received my new L & M throttle body today. It's a work of art! I will be doing comparison testing with my Whipple 2.9. I currently have the Monoblade on it. I am going to go with my 3.5" upper pulley and the 10% I.W. lower pulley for the tests. I normally run a custom 2.85" and currently...