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  • You still doing alternators for the 03-04 Cobra's? If so, i need to purchase one. I have 3 fuel Pumps, large amplifier, trunk mounted intercooler, and will probably use more power for other things. Any info and prices would be appreciated. I check my email more than this forum. Please email me: [email protected] Thank You
    Hey, I have an 04 cobra looking to get an alternator. I took mine out to change the pulley to accommodate my 2.76 upper and 4# lower. I didn't think it went on right and I tapped it a few times, now the fin hits the back! Looking to go like 160amp to also help power my nitrous stuff.
    Any pricing and instructions? Thanks!
    Hi I'm going to be interested in one of your alternators for my 04 cobra pretty soon can you quote me one on for mines? Car is close to 700 rwhp if that helps just need something that would work for me.
    How are you doing? My name is Curtis and I have an 03 cobra that the alternator is about to give out on. How much are yours and give you give me some info on the alternators. Thank you.
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