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  • Steve,

    I scraped my rim slightly and it's driving me f'ing insane. What is the process to sand and repolish them?


    Hows this look. The car can easily be changed. Just let me know all the forums or vehicles you need it changed to. Also do you have any other logos other than whats on Myspace?

    HI Steve,

    A am a newbie here, will be picking up a 07 shelby in a few weeks. Do you still have the resvior tanks for sale? If sok is the price &250

    Do you still have a Polished etched tank left? Preferably one that says gt500 and the snake or do you have both?
    Just double checking, 220$ shipped? w/ etching or w/o?
    Hey wats up its octavio!!the guy that took the supercharge to ur house in a motorcycle!!!how is it doin!!
    What would it cost to get a 2 18x9s in the front and 2 18x11s in the back of a S197 Mustang Brushed look with a Polished lip in Mach 5 Speed 5 or Victory ????
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