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    Another mass shooting

    I wouldnt want to be a local LEO in that town any more after that. Even if you had the day off youll be stigmatized forever Sent from my iPhone using
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    Another mass shooting

    Theyhave armed security. The more expensive the school gets, the better the security gets. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    Officially retired

    congrats. my mother recently retired after 30 years with LAUSD. she's as happy as can be.
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    FOR SALE: one off Victorys

    honestly, most people wont even notice the difference. especially if the centers are powder coated
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    Another mass shooting

    of have to face the residents of that town... wouldnt be surprised if the sheriff loses his job in the next election as a result as well.
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    Another mass shooting

    it sounds like they were stuck waiting due to one man, the man in charge on the scene, who made a bad call that it was now a barricaded suspect and no longer an active shooter. that guy better change his name and move to south america
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    Well boys....Ray Liotta passed

    Damn. RIP to a great actor. Enjoyed every movie ive ever seen him. First movie i ever saw him in. No Escape Sent from my iPhone using
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    Losing interest in this hobby fast….

    If you think gas prices area buzzkill imagine having to deal with smog nazis on top of that Sent from my iPhone using
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    Smokey and the Bandit in the theaters next week - 45th Anniversary Showing

    “There's no way, no way that you came from my loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I'm gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!” Love this movie. Loved that TA as a kid. Sent from my iPhone using
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    Another mass shooting

    Sent from my iPhone using
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    I think the price of ‘13-14’s is pulling back

    i know i aint the smartest man smokee but from over here it looks like 07s are selling for more than 08s which are selling for more than 09s...
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    Another mass shooting

    isnt that idiot running for governor of TX again?
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    Torque Tank M4

    mine are wood too but i use people instead of sandbags
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    Another mass shooting

    killer worked at a fast food job. theyve spoken with his former co-workers.