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  • Shaun,

    I was reading through an exhaust thread on here, and you mentioned that Dynomax was using your car to prototype an exhaust. Do you have sound/video of what it sounds like? I saw the system is for sale now, but can't find any clips. Thanks, Jason.
    Hello Shaun, I apologize for bothering you I know you are very busy I just wanted to know if you would recommend a Livernois Motorsports custom tune for my 2011 Mustang GT? I have the Brenspeed tune now and want to know if you think it will provide more rwhp/rwtq thank the Brenspeed tune. I have a smiliar set-up as you do the Steeda CAI, MagnaFlow exhaust Cat-Back with X Pipe and the custom tune. If you think Livernois is a better tuner please let me knopw why you think that if you would please as I am tring to determine if the cost is worth it for the Livernois tune. Thank you VERY much in advance for your recommendations and advice! Jack
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