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    Just picked up one of my favorite Cobra's.... Teal 1993'

    Nice find OP! Love the teal Cobras <3
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    Purchased a new GT350

    Nice color, then again I'm biased...
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    Girl on a Busa Takes out Hellcat !!

    >23K followers, Damn!
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    1985 GT build thread.

    I had one of the Glenn's sleeper tanks on a 91GT I built, but unfortunately never finished. Glenn is a nice guy and will assist with putting together whatever you need. The quality of his tanks, while a re-worked stock can, are top notch.
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    Question regarding my last job interview...

    I've been in similar shoes... I had to leave a position I had been in for 6 yrs, and take a leap of faith, and a moderate pay cut to eventually work my way up to management. If this position is 80-90% of your ideal want list, including weekends off, pull the trigger. If anything you'll gain...
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    Diy window tint kit

    I recall an older POS Fox I worked on back in the day... Idiot owner rattlecanned the back window black on the inside. Never knew until you sat in the car and it was pitch black. SMDH
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    79 Fox Coupe build.

    I too had a 79 coupe but stupidly sold it for a 91 GT. I never did understand why the damn inside door handles were at the bottom of the door. They moved them up in 80 but who bumped their head on that original design. Also, manual windows - LOL
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    How old were you when you got your 1st Mustang...

    Originally, I was handed down Mom's tired 1979 Ghia notchback (V8/AT, first year of the Fox platform) back when I was 16. That under-powered thing couldn't get out of its own way. Bought a gently used 91 GT at age 19 and rocked that through my first marriage until I sold it after my divorce, at...
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    Closing out the track driving year with two personal milestones

    I like the fact you always have and continue to rock the Fox hatch! Long live the Foxbody!
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    How much do you spend on your kids/nephews at Christmas?

    My BIL spent $1500 on his only daughter this year who just turned 5. Yet he complains about being dirt poor all damn year. Make better life choices people!
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    Anyone have ViperSecurity (SmartStart)?

    I managed a Circuit City Car audio dept. for years and Directed Electronics (Viper, Python, Hornet, etc.) was my go-to brand. Worked 100% of the time and very few hardware failures. Their tech support was always the best too. From a customer standpoint I took care of my customers, so it pains me...
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    Yellow or Blue GT350r

    I kind of agree with these guys...
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    Pink haired freak wants her McCrib.

    Don't blame this sh*t on California! We don't claim her or her pink hair.
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    What am I missing here? OK, so $92K buy it now for a Grabber Blue 2015 GT with a Roush blower, hideous wheel treatment, cheesy ass wickerbill rear spoiler, and less than stellar...