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    WTB 2004 Screaming Yellow CT AREA

    I started this late 2015. I’m having the thought of selling my 10th Anniversary. I do love the 10th. But Screaming Yellow is what I wanted and honestly I haven’t seen any low mile coupes since.
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    ISO: 18"Anthracite 10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels

    Looking for a set of 18x10 18x9 10th Anniversary wheels in Anthracite (not deep dish) I know American Muscle used to make these maybe someone has a set they would part with. Thanks!
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    Tune with exhaust?

    Hey guys so i recently bought a low mile stock 03 coupe last year and i am doing borla stingers and offroad x pipe. Should i just throw MIL's in? Im hearing you should tune the car and then others say no cause i'm not touching the pulley etc. Any input would be great please. Thanks!
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    WTB 2004 Screaming Yellow CT AREA

    I'm on the hunt for 2004 Screaming Yellow Cobra. Really wanting a close to stock car or lightly modified CLEAN car. Would like to stay under 25k miles and a 1-2 owner car. Ready to buy for the right car. Let's see what is out there! Thanks guys!
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    Throwing P0430?

    Hey guys just trying to get some input. First off i have Mac longtubes, offroad x, and a catback ( yes i have MIL's) The first code i threw was a oxygen sensor malfunction (P0136). So what i did to just test is clear the code and see if it would come back. I also switched MIL's frome each side...
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    Rear tire size with eibach sportlines

    Well i was going to wait until next year to get my wheels finished but i cant stand seeing them sit in my room. BBS RK 18x8.5 18x10 rears. I decided to go with 255/35/18 up front but my question is that if anyone runs 305/35/18 nitto nt05r and does the tire rub because of the sportlines? If i...
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    Winter is over! Sharing what got done!

    Hey guys figured id share what was done to the cobra this winter. Got some pictures below! Installed MAC longtubes with the help of my dad, SVT Plaques, got the license plate removed since it looked horrible. Body shop near me did a great job blending this 3 stage paint im very satisfied...
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    Need some opinions...getting RK Plasma coated!

    Went to a local place today and its and expert powder coating place. Need opinions on what finish here are the two i am stuck on right now. They are sending me samples to try and get a good match. Here they are.
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    New wheels for the cobra!

    Found myself a staggered set of BBS RK's. At the beginning i didnt think they were plasma finished because texting pictures can be decieving. Since the wheels saw rain and probably snow which is why one of the rears is peeling bad. I plan on bringing them back to life anyways. Only one spot of...
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    What do longtubes sound like with offroad x and magnapacks?

    seeing if anyone on here has a video of this set up. really wanna hear what it sounds like. thanks
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    Went for a ride with 4.10

    All i know is gears are going to happen soon! Even though it was a 96 gt with 309rwhp it pulled. Ill definitley go 4.10 or possibly 3.73: seems alot of people run 4.10 on 96-98 cobras?
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    figure id throw up a rear pic!

    what do you guys think im definitley getting bigger tires soon but im loving the new exhaust!
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    UPR o/r x or Mac o/r H

    well considering the magnaflow tru x is out of the question...coule of youtube videos have me deciding. let me know what all you guys think! i have a magnapack catback just needing a mid pipe. thanks 1997 Mustang Cobra - YouTube 1996 mustang cobra - YouTube
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    anyone magnaflow tru x?

    Well i got the magnapacks in yesterday...ordered the tru x for 96-98 cobras off of stang mods since it was 10% off week and i get and email back saying they discontinued the x pipe! really pissed. Anyone know where i could possibly pick one up. i know theres a couple sellers on ebay but any help...