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  • WOW !!!!!
    Mine has 15k and shows no signs of slipping (knock on wood). All you read about are the one that went south with a few thousand miles- not the ones like yours that last. Thank you for responding, I appreciate it

    I am very interested to see what difference the TVS makes on my 2008 !

    Take care,
    Are you still running the stock clutch? If so, how many miles have you gotten from it?

    Alright I got my account updated and ready to use. Sending the money now. Feel free to call or text me with any further communication (440)278-0517, as it will yield a quicker response.
    Oh! PayPal. Haven't used my account in a while. I'll log in and make sure my account is current and i'll send you then money once I get your confirmation.

    Where would the mufflers be shipped too? As long as it's the lower 48 I think I can make $200 work.
    PP - [email protected]
    I have tomorrow off so If I get the money today I can mail them out in the morning.
    Let me know

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