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    I took delivery of my 2022 Genesis GV-70 compact SUV. I love it!

    Beautiful Bob, I like it!
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    Vegas Trip

    Uber, my wife and I go about 4 times a year. If you have never been you may want to look into a show, make reservations now for at least one night for dinner. My recomendations: -SW at the Wynn -STK at the cosmo -Scarpetta at the cosmo
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    Any TrackHawk Owner In here?

    Nice, I was in the market for one too before i got the gt500, its a tighter fit but it works, me driving like an old lady is 13MPG city
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    Advice for purchasing Toy Hauler

    Here is my set up, Mine did not come with an on board generator, it actually worked out because mine has a perfect space for a generator up at the tung where the propane bottles sit, went with a propane generator so i dont have to dealer with the carb gunking up. I started out with a F150, then...
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    Toot my own horn

    Nice, congrats!
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    Took Delivery-First Impressions

    Mine has paint issues, trash under the paint in a couple of spots, still debating what i want to do as the dealer took pics, sent to ford warranty and they approved paint repair. With that being said my local ford dealer wants to send it to a local body shop and have them fix it. Not sure how i...
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    Any gt500 at sticker

    @03'Darin ya I feel that I got lucky, funny enough they stated due to the color it wasn't as desirable! lol It was chino hills ford in Socal
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    Any gt500 at sticker

    It was a dealer stock unit, when I tried to order they said all 2022 allocations were spoken for.
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    Any gt500 at sticker

    Just paid $5k over sticker for mine -Handling pack -Recaro seats -Tech package
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    Picked up a new gt500

    Thanks for all of the love guys! the car is a lot of fun to drive, I have never had so many ppl give me thumbs up before haha... Its not too bad, I'll probably just get plugs for it
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    Moving To Kingsport Tennessee! Yea Buddy!

    Congrats sir! My company has a location in Jackson, TN, I am very tempted to take that as an opportunity to get out of so cal, it has gotten horrible here!
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    Picked up a new gt500

    Ya I went in pretty heavy when it was down to $5.20 per share a few months ago, it paid off :) Thanks Bob, it has now officially grown on me! lol it's nuts the attention it gets
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    Picked up a new gt500

    Thanks, it was one of the main reasons I bought this place, love the pass through garage Thank you, I agree, for stock exhaust is sounds amazing! I could just let it idle and next to it haha..
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    Picked up a new gt500

    Have been dreaming for sometime and recently had an opportunity to get one (thank you amc stock :D), got it for $5k over sticker, biggest issue I have with the car is they drilled the front plate, it apparently has been on their sales floor for 6 weeks and they had issues selling it because when...