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  • Hi, I've seen a old post of yours re a intake that will fit c type heads. I've been offered 05 gt heads with gt intake that has 16 injectors, was this the intake you had? I can't view pics from the post,

    I want to know if the 05 gt heads will fit my 04 5.4 block?

    I saw your post regarding brake pads and dusting.

    We have the Hawk HPS and the Performance Ceramic pads mentioned in one of the replies.

    You can check them out at

    and select your vehicle.

    The Performance Ceramic dusts a bit less but has less bite than the HPS. We usually recommend the HPS because they offer better stopping power and the dust difference is not significant enough.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    I ordered mine from AFS's Ebay account. I don't want to discurage you, but AFS has been out of the 18x10.5's for quite some time now. People ask me about my wheels all the time, I've probably got 7 or 8 PM's on the topic. From my understanding the Detroit Wheels Cobra replica's are made by the same people that make AFS wheels, but I think their sold out of their 18x10.5's also.

    My advice to you is if they start going on sell again get them ASAP if you really want them. The 18x10.5's always sell out really fast, and I don't understand why they just don't make more of them as they seem like a pretty hot commodity. Also I would just get the machined one if I had to do it over again and then send them to a good chrome plating shop here in the States as their made in China and the chrome they come with is pretty cheap and many people have them start pealing when they get a couple of years on them. They are some nice looking wheels though.

    You can call AFS and see if they can tell you anything on the matter.
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