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    LMR Cruise-in 2022

    Hell yeah brother! Its definitely worth going next year for anyone who missed out. I'm part of the DFW terminator group that organized the cobras getting together. We had 54 in total at the final count. Send me any media you guys have so I can share it with the group! Or you can send it to...
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    BMR K Member... Finally!

    Mine fit perfectly. They retooled their machines to fix the issue last I heard. And this issue was only for their heavy duty unit or w.e it's called. Reach out to them. They are pretty good about answering the phone
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    WANTED: Cobra IRS knuckles

    Let me see if I can source a driver side somewhere. If so, I'll buy yours. PM price shipped.
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    WANTED: Cobra IRS knuckles

    Looking for a set of IRS knuckles. May be open to buying the entire IRS unit depending on price/shipping.
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    WANTED: LFP Black Throttle body

    I have a black one that was on the car for a short time before swapping to a crusher. I can get you pics tomorrow. Lmk.
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    FOR SALE: Polished 3" Bassani Catback

    This still available?
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    Sway bars

    So I have everything that can be done to the IRS besides the rear sway (all ftbr, billet half shafts, etc). In theory, a bigger rear sway bar helps plant power during hard acceleration/launching. Possibly due to resistance against deflection. I am trying to get every advantage I can with the IRS...
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    Sway bars

    So, I've been looking everywhere to figure out a solution to upgrading the sway bars on my Cobra. It seems like everything is discontinued. With that said, I am hoping someone may know something I don't or have an idea on what I could possibly do besides scouring the secondhand market.
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    WANTED: Eibach Sway Bars 35/29

    Bumping because I am also looking for this kit. Mainly for the rear bar but ill purchase both if a group buy happens
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    Kind of recent. Few months old. Thank you! Here is a more recent one from this weekend.
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    Seems like only yesterday I was creeping on the forums looking to buy a terminator.
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    345 tires and IRS

    What tire were you running exactly? Looks like a mt et street? I want to check section and tread widths of various brands since sizes can vary.
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    BMR K Member... Finally!

    My question is has anyone installed one yet on here? Do they accept after market motor mounts? I heard rumors of them not clearing 1-7/8th longtubes also.