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    Storing cobra with E70-E85.

    How often do you use the Lucas Ethanol treatment? My daily is a Lightning that i run on E85
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    New guy in South Florida

    Fort Lauderdale over here. Good luck with the search
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    WANTED: WTB want to buy stock lightning lower pulley

    i got one. still need it
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    WANTED: Retrofit headlights

    Can you post pics?
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    How much money have you "invested" in your Terminator?

    I'm at about $6k but will be adding a whipple and all those mods so probably another $12k :-(
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    KyleSVT's Mod/Build Update Videos

    What was that you sprayed on it bfore drying it off, what drying towel do you use, and what hose nozel is that? I use a pressure washer
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    Just driving
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    Need some new brakes for my truck. It's my dd. Does anyone run Power stop on there truck? I have them on my cobra and they seem fine but I don't daily that. A lot of people seem to think the rotors will crack cause of the drill holes Drilled and Slotted Performance Rotors | PowerStop
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    FOR SALE: 2001 Lightning

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    WANTED: Stock Supercharger Pulley and MAF Screen

    I believe I have what you are looking for. I will check my garage when I get home
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    Vibration during hard acceleration

    I have vibration when braking
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    FOR SALE: ID 1000’s

    how many miles on them
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    I decided not to do anything and just keep my same one. thanks everyone