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  • Im looking to do the opposite i have coil packs and want to run a 99 cobra pcm. not sure how to wire pcm to 96 coil packs, can you help me with this? it looks like to coil pack only use 4 driver wires and the cop uses 8. if you get time could you shoot me a text 4102074497, if nothing else i may just have to convert to cop
    I am still waiting on my kit I ordered it on Jan 23 and have not received the requested tracking number I ordered everything else for my kit the same day and it came in 3 days later I need to know what is going on if you are having to make it that's fine but some info would be appreciated part of good customer service thanks
    not sure how to send a pm, but im interested in a COP swap harness for my 96 Cobra,,my email address is [email protected]
    if you could drop me a line there when you can id appreciate it very much. thanks
    It's been awhile. I ordered a harness maybe about 4-5 years ago. Great product haven't had any issues til now. Car was on the Dyno and at high rpm's we got a misfire. We've changed coils and plugs and still the same issue. They want me to go back to stock, but the engine bay is gorgeous with ur kit. My question is can I send the harness to you to be checked out or can I order a 2nd set at maybe a discount? I love the product and don't want to go back to stock. thx
    Hey man, I'm highly interested in the cop harness, I have a 97 gt with stock pcm and pcm harness with an 04 navigator swap, I was going to wire up the cop's but would like to save the headache for something else. You can email me at Sktbderchri[email protected], my number is also 478-919-0534, a text will definitely be a quicker response. I'm ready to purchase
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