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  • I'm interested in your car and have a few questions about it. Was wondering if you can email me with an email address so I can communicate with you. Can't PM for some reason, maybe i've not a member for long enough. Don't know. My email is [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon. Thx! Matt
    Hey man, excellent looking car. For some reason, my account will not fully activate to post on your thread. My email is [email protected] I am interested and would love to see as many pictures as possible of the car. I am located in VA and was wondering if you would be interested in shipping the car. I can set it up and pay for all costs. Please send as many pictures to my email as possible, especially of the interior. I am looking for a truely immaculate Terminator to replace my Daytona Charger.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    Hey man gorgeous car. Its too bad im in afghanistan or i would pick your car up. Im from TX but my family is in WA. Trying to get my twin brother to work something out. Any ideas for shipping? Let me know if not good luck on the sale and to the lucky guy that gets it. Ron
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