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  • I will give you asking price for the floor mats. I have been looking for a set for a while. My only problem is I don't do PayPal . I really want the mats!!!! I can send you one of my business checks or get a certified check to you. Please let me know... 252 944 5248 Aaron .... Thanks!!!
    How has your mechman alt held up so far? Is it worth the buy ? If you could get back to me Id really appreciate it.
    Hey bud, i have a Gen 3 killer chiller that i'm getting ready to install. I currently have a aftermarket HE hooked up, any idea on what bypass valve i should use? I couldnt get a hold of Joe.

    Thanks Man
    Hey, sorry this isn't being sent to you as a PM, I couldn't figure out how to send one----- it's been awhile since you mentioned possibly selling the remainder of your Alsa "soft feel" paint, but do you possibly still have it? Please let me know, thanks
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