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  • Interested in the 47lb injectors, if the sale goes through on the car PM me or e-mail with info. I just went through the same debate as I found out how crappy the MT82 is after I picked it up....looks like its a T56 swap :/

    [email protected]
    Ford Mustang Fog Lamp Kit 2013: Levittown Ford Super Center

    lower fogs for your GT.... cheap.... then you can get the grille you want :p the full open one haha
    hey man my name is jay can u help me out.. im new on this site and i ended up buying the orange cobra of dannys car not knowing the history.. i read this thread and u say he beat the car up now im kinda scared of the car.. can u give me some info on the car?? is it tuned for tx or co? what is done to the car to make 595hp? what kind of problems am i to expect maybe i can fix it before it breaks.. is there any way i can talk to danny about the car and what he has done to it? i have talked to brad from what im told he was the last owner of the car before the dealer got it.. i would appreciate any info on the car that u can tell me... thanks , jay
    Hey, I have a 1999 Black/Tan Cobra with 113,000miles. Normal wear and tear. Daily driver, never raced. 18pct tint on all windows except windshield. Short shifter, under drive pully's, cold air intake, SCT chip for traction control and emissions, bassani x pipes w/ gutted cats (passes inspection and emissions yearly w/ no problems,) 2 small quarter sized dents I can have removed, everything else is factory. Fairfax, VA Asking 10k (clean title).
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