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  • Hey, I was interested in getting the wheels that you have. I was wondering if your fenders are rolled or pulled at all? Thanks
    Hey bro nice ride just wanted to ask you what the offset on your stance wheels are? Thanks man.Also where did you get them i want to purchase the black ones.Are they staggered and any spacers. sorry so many questions. Thanks again
    Interested in the wheels. Where are you in Virginia. I'm going to be coming through to pick up a truck in ohio.
    Whats up. How about $800 shipped to 61554. I would pay with paypal on Thursday. Im not trying to lowball ya. Thats all the cash i got bro.
    hey couple questions, 1) where did you buy your wheels? Specs? anything needed to be done for them to fit? really love the look and want them in black on my car. Thanks a million
    What car did you drift before this? I'm just curious because im about to get rid of my 240 for a mustang gt.
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