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  • I'm not in Dallas but I have a stock Eaton for sale it has a riechard racing pulley 2.65 non slip my number is 7027279514 thanks
    Ive used castrol oil and stp. Oil treatment...fl820s filter..

    I drain hot..and I let drain at least 30 mins..

    Ive kept maf clean and engine..

    I clean everything with dawn dish soap..

    I pressure wash alot..

    I try to just keep up on things that go bad..which has been mostly pads.tires..tob.

    I find its easy to up keep if spotless..

    I think doing my own work on car has been the best ..I had some learning to do..and still do..

    The manual is a must...without it to much gets broken or out of place..

    When working on it...I read and test..take my time..

    Than driving habit...you beat it..it breaks. .
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