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  • Hello Troy my name is Damian I believe that I had buy your old car a 2014 mustang gt with the Armageddon twin turbo kit auto with the glass roof if this is your old car can you please give me a text or call at 917.721.2107 I have a couple important question for you about the car I hope you can please help me out.
    Hey dude, found some of your posts on oil technology while researching the topic.

    Ok, I'm getting a Focus RS, in the next 3-4 weeks. I've never had a performance car of this nature.

    You, being the oil guru I believe you to be, I'd like your advice on 1) initial breakin and when to change oil for 1st time, and 2) what's best recommendation for oil upgrade/continued usage, and recommended change interval. Ford recommendeds motorcraft 5w-50 synthetic. The RS forum generally is siding with the OEM recommendation. I think I've seen you recommend Amsoil 10-40 over this in regard to the GT500 and shelby, but I know the RS is a different bird. Anything you can advise me is much appreciated.

    My profile:
    -- year round daily driver in the chicagoland area.
    -- expect to put on 100+ miles/day 5+ days a week (60/40 hwy/local, not much rush hour stop & go)
    -- I'm a fairly aggressive driver, I don't baby my car, but I don't abuse it either.


    Have a 2016 GT350 that will need an oil change soon and have been reading your posts regarding oil. Which Amsoil 10w40 oil are you recommending? Am only seeing 2 10w40 oils on their site .. an XL Series and a Premium Protection Series. Their 0w40 oil seems to have better options ... Signature series and European formula. Would a 0w40 work better?

    Would like to talk to you about your old car if possible. I am interested in buying it, but would like to get as much info as possible about it. You obviously know the car better than its current owner. Thanks. Eric
    Hey Unleashed I bought a 2012 gt500 recently and it's time for me to change the oil. I have been reading through your UOA thread and there was alot of good info in there. I have decided to go with the 10w40 amsoil but I've seen posts referencing the XL series and others referencing the signature series and just wanted to check with you to see which I need to go with or if it doesn't matter. I placed an order for the XL 10w40 on their site and just need to know if I need to cancel to order the signature series instead.
    I'm interested in buying your old 14 turbo car. I was wondering if you could provide me with a list of all the modifications you did to it. I've read the build thread but it doesn't go into suspension or brakes or a anything else, just basically the turbo intall. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
    Hi Troy, I've sent you an e-mail last week on AMSOIL. Not sure if you received it. Please PM me whenever you can. Thanks
    I've been reading your post and would like to get you opinion on oil as I noticed your expertise on the subject is out of this world!
    I own a 14 track pack with cams, boss manifold, Paxton supercharger and other goodies to make over 600 rwhp.
    My car has 4,400 miles on it and want to know what the best oil would be for my situation. I've read your posts and I'm stuck between oils.
    I live in Indiana and mainly only drive my car on weekends when its nice out. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Kenny H.
    sorry to bother u was just wondering what amsol motor oil would be the best for me its not my daily but i do drive it a good amount maybe 6 months out of the year it has a 2.8 kennebell &170 thermo pushing close to 700 hp on 93 octane i saw the threads & all but i got a little confused i apreciate your time thank you the car is a gt500 2012
    sorry i guess i was tryint to see if my message posted, id like to thnk you on your testing on the shelby gt500 as i have one, i just bought mine with 50k id like to know your input when i do my testing on the health on my engine right now it has mc5-50 with 1000 on it and im trying to get amsoil as i get some miles on the amsoil i will make the lab test and ihope you can see it and tell me your input on it, i was trying to send the message private but i didnt see anywhere to do so, i know you can get me a good price on it if you can hook me up with it let me know im looking for a 0-20 for my 12 honda accord and 10-40 on the 12 shelby thanks

    I recently joined after reading your UOA thread. I don't particularly want to run up a large post count here but I would like to be able to give you examples of several UOA results that I have. However, I can't seem to figure out how to post files.
    Hey Troy, I've been browsing the forums and stumbled upon a few of yours and was impressed that for once a thread about oil from an actual expert! Anyway, I am in the market for a used 2013 mustang gt. It will be my DD and was deciding whether the extra TLC the mustangs with track pack need was worth it in my situation. Going through your post I noticed that for TP mustangs 10w-40 AMSOil works perfect, which is great to hear because 5W-50 would be a pain in the ass to try to find and there is no AMSOil in that weight anyway. Now in my case I live in Michigan, it will be driven during the winter, that means some days temps as low as -20*F and in the summer as high as 100*F. I will also be doing some spirited driving, probably not track though. Based on your experience and my conditions is the 10w-40 still the correct choice for me?
    Hi Troy,

    I see you dont recommend the AMO 10w40 anymore. Does that apply to the 2013 GT500? If not, what is the new recommendation? Mine is stock, street driven only, in Canada.


    Hey, tried sending you a PM but your inbox is fully.

    Hey Man,

    Sorry to bug you, but, I had a quick question regarding some oil.

    I ordered a 2014 GT with the Track Pack option. It looks like that option calls for 5W50, however, Amsoil nor Royal Purple makes 5W50.

    Do I truly have to use 5W50, is it safe to say that is the safest option to go with despite not being tracked/raced hard?

    I want to protect the motor, so, any advise is appreciated man.

    Hey beast I seen your using the 5w20 signature series in your new car, any reason behind this, just wondering cause I thought you always ran at least a 5w30 weight, thanks.
    Hi - I like the way your 14 sits and the rims look great. What springs and suspension parts did you install? Sorry if you already posted this info in a thread - I'm new to the site and I'm not good at nav yet. - Thks
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