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  • So Amsoil 10/40 in the 13 Shelby sounds like a good way to go. Should I just using the EAO11 filter that's recommended for the 2012 5.4L since there's no Amsoil recommendation for the 2013 5.8L or something else?

    Hey there! I just skimmed through your oil info in the Boss section. I get so confused with oils! What would you recommend I use? I have a 2012 Boss 302 with 1200 kilometers on it. I'm about to park it for winter but am going to change the oil.

    Since Im new to the Ford car scene I have been seeing your posts pop up on all the Mustang forums. Ihave a couple of questions for you. I have a new V6 and woundering what weight oil Im going to be using in it ? Its almost has 1000 miles so Im going to change it. Im can not get around the extended oil changes so Im going to be using Amsoil OE. {3000 ml oil changes}. Also I have a Ford V10 it appears that you are for useing 5/30 in it. It has 80 k on it and I have used 5/20 motorcraft since day one (3000 mile changes). What do you think of the 5/30 amsoil oe? Ive been using Amsoil in my atvs for years now. Sorry about the long note . Thanks Al
    Hi i have a 2012 ford f150 with the 5.0 liter in it.I am going to switch to a synthetic oil and was wanting to get your opinion.I have two choices i was considering and both are readily available.I was considering the motorcraft full synthetic 5w20 or the amsoil xl 5w20.Was just wondering what you would recommend,thanks,Dawson.
    i currently live in south florida and i have a 2012 boss 302, I am a very aggressive driver, i do a lot of sprited driving and the car sees a lot of track days. what oil do you recommend for a daily very aggressive driver? thnx in advance

    I am currently running Mobil 1 5/50. My GT 500 is a street only car with ported Eaton and 170 thermostat. I have access to Royal Purple at a good price. Would there be a benefit of making the switch? If so what grade RP should I use? Thank you for all the great information. The car will be seeing a dyno soon if that matters. Harry
    the loose lumber over bumps sounds like somethings not tight. checked every thing was going to install tsb mounts as they are still available. but was interested in those mounts in post 18 . it looks like those are 2012 mounts. and nobody can tell me if they will work. i was hoping you had installed them and had some info
    i ordered m18183c and it did not look like the picture of the c mount you had on the stool it looked just like the old gt500 strut mount and made the chuckle or clunk noise when i installed them. i was hoping for the part number for the mount on the left in pic on post #18 thanks dave
    very interested in talking to you about your luck with the tsb mounts and find out if you or any one has tried the new c mounts you pictured in that post

    thanks dave
    [email protected]

    I am getting close to changing the oil in my 2013 boss 302. I will be driving it this winter (all season daily driver). I live in northern Virginia, temps get to around 25F during the coldest month. After reading a lot of info about your suggestions, I have narrowed it down to amsoil 10w-40, Mobil one 0w-40, or Redline 0w-40. Between Redline 0w-40 and Mobil one 0w-40, which is superiour for a motor oil?
    What oil do you suggest for my application?

    Hello, I'm responding to your comment you made on my post about adding different spark plugs for the "stage 2" upgrade for my 2010 GT500. were you meaning that the "stock" plugs work just fine with a 2.6" pulley/cai/tune added to the car? If so that's awesome, will save me time and money.

    Just joined today and I am intriged by you knowledge of oil. I have been using Amsiol in my vehicles for 10 years now and I just bought a 2011 Shelby. In the Amsoils I particularly like the 0-30 it even makes my 10hp outboard motor run smoother and quieter. I would like to know what your opinion of using the 0-30 in the GT500. I use the car on sunny days and lay into it occasionally. I am also the considering 10-40 AMO.
    Thanks in advance,

    hi, i would like to know what oil you recommend to use on my 2011 GT500?
    note that i am from the gulf and its really hot in the summer and we only have M1, Castrol, MC and RP.
    Thanks Troy, that's great information. Sounds like I'll be switching over to Amsoil for my GT500. Only has 4K miles on it, so seems like a good time to do it. It's obvious, based on the test results that Amsoil out performs Motorcraft, but what are your thoughts on Mobil1? I run that in my Raptor with the 6.2L motor in the 5w-20 weight. Are Mobil1 and Amsoil similar? I'm assuming Amsoil uses more anti wear additives than the mass produced Mobil1.
    Thanks again for the input.
    Hey Troy,
    I'm interested in switching over to Amsoil and I saw your post about buying it at cost. Do you think it's ok to run a viscosity other than 5-50 in a 2008 GT500? I live in NJ, so the temps are not too extreme. Thanks for the info.
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