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  • None whatsoever. If there were no CAFE laws....Ford would be using 5W-30 in these engines, not 5W-20. It's about capital gain, not what's better for your engine.
    Hi there,
    This has been asked on another forum and wanted to have your opinion on this if you don't mind. Will changing the oil to a thicker Mobil1 5W30 EP weight affect in any way the oil squirters ! As we know the Boss doesn't use them and is factory filled with 20W50. Any downside to using 5W30 full synthetic ! Thx
    Many thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately it's very difficult to get oil shipped from the US as oil is declared a hazardous item (I tried that about 3 years ago). I found only one potential company in the UK from where I could get Amsoil from. Do you have any idea from where in Europe I could get the oil and filter you have proposed? I googled a lot, but I haven't found anything else except the link I mentioned already...

    Perhaps you have also answer for the other items which are recommended from AMSOIL for the BOSS engine: AMSOIL Product Recommendations - 2012%7cFORD%7cMUSTANG%7cU

    Based on your experience, can you recommend also the other oils and an earlier replacement of them than mentioned in the service manual?
    I have read a lot of your postings about AMSOIL and I am interested in your view, if this is the right oil for a new BOSS 302 (first oil change planned after 1500 miles), I will not be that often racing, no mods planned: Amsoil 10W-40 Fully Synthetic High Perfomance Petrol Engine Oil

    Important detail, I am living in Switzerland, so from time to time it's pretty cold...

    And is there any downside ordering now oil for next couple of years, I mean could the oil get kind of "bad" within the years when laying in cellar?

    Would really appreciate your feedback!

    am interested in trying Amsoil ATF in '11 GT500. gearbox was just rebuilt for1-2 grind but still grinds first shift of the day. Would this be OK to maintain warranty? Where would I get it? thanks. Chris
    Hey man do you have an email or something that I could contact and discuss somethings with you other than just a visitor message? thanks, Zach.
    Great man, just was going to see if you sold any amsoil stuff? my buddy was asking for his import. I think he needed some sort of tranny fluid. I'll check back with him
    I know there has been a lot of debate about the oil to use in their GT500. I myself would like to hear what you think the top 3 oils and weight are and where I can find them. I have a 2010 GT500 with 2500 miles on her.

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