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  • I am looking for the hose that runs from the black air inlet tube over in front of the intake and connects to the intake.I believe it's called the idle air supply hose.It has a small black box near one end of it.
    I don't think I have enough posts to pm you but my e-mail addy is [email protected]
    I do want the harness and will send you the money via paypal if you'll send me your paypal addy. Thanks!
    " yeah... ive got an issue alright im thinking of selling 1997 blk on blk cobra. While im not sure what issues fit your bill for purchasing but here goes, she needs an air bag, interior tlc and maybe a new rack. Ok so no major issues but the tiltles clean, 100,700 miles with full bolt on best offer thanx.
    Could you tell me a little more about your problems with the rebuilt title? I am interested in buying a rebuilt titled Cobra and I would like to know what kind of issues you ran into.
    I have an '02 Turbo Built Turbo Lightning that has a few exhaust issues, AC line that needs to be repaired and probably a retune. The truck has put down 650 rwhp on a conservative tune. No major issue that can't be fixed, but I work full time and am a full time college student, and I just don't have time to deal with it all.

    If you're interested, I can give you more details. Email me at [email protected].

    hey i will take no less then 4500 for the 2 combined 3000 for the motor and 1500 for the trans i also have an f1a that im selling for 3500 comes with sheet metal intake race by pass valve afco heat exchanger aeromotive fuel rails 62# injectors 18# and 30# pulleys and belts

    I have a '95 Talon that used to make around 530HP until last week when I had a family emergency and I drove the car somewhat hard when the engine was still cold, and a piston ring (cyl #1) went bye-bye.
    I haven't personally ran the car at the track, but I witnessed the last owner (good friend of mine) running a 10.68 @ 130 something MPH at PIR.
    This car has around $22-23,000 dollars invested in it, without counting the original price of the car. I'm sure that pulling the engine out, opening it and fixing it will be a lot less than $3,000, and shipping will be less than $2,000. How much do you think you would pay for this vehicle? I traded my '03 Convertible C5 Vette for this car.

    The car is a 1995 Eagle Talon, although I like to call it the Frankestein because the pretty much the only thing left from the original Talon is the steering wheel and the title (clean title by the way).
    It has the engine, turbo, transmission and 6-bolt AWD from an Evo III, all imported from Japan since there are no Evo III's in the U.S. Every mechanical component in the car I can think of has less than 25,000 miles.
    The car also includes an HP Pavillion laptop with DSM Link, which is all that is needed to tune, add to step launch, use nitrous, water or meth injection, you name it. Here is the list of modifications:

    5 Phantom Auto Meter, 1. EGT, 2. Oil pressure, 3. Coolant Temp, 4. Trans Temp, 5. Boost, B&M short throw shifter, 8" subs in the doors, Alpine deck, Sony cross overs in the rear, infinite tweets in the front.

    All 4 rotors Brembo cross drilled and slotted
    K-sport true coilovers
    Upper sway bar links

    Mitsubishi Evo III 6 bolt tuned with DSM link, Cyclone intake, Fully built bottom end, Head is built and ported/polished, Crank micro polished, Clevitte 77 bearings, ARP head studs main studs and rod bolts, Cometic head gasket, Balanced rotating assembly all weight matched, No balance shafts, Insulating intake mani gasket, 1g throttle body, External engine oil cooler, Shepard Trans, Fidanza fly-less than 2,000 on and not raced, New ACT 2600 and act street disk less then 200 miles, New shift cables with roller bearing in the end, SS clutch line, New Master Cyl, New Slave Cyl, New pivot fork and TOB, LSD, 680cc ball and disc inject, 255 walboro, Full throttle FPR with guage, Full apex N1 dp/mid and back half, Custom made external 02 dump

    Big 16g, Ported, 34mm flapper instead of 29 or 28mm, 25psi boost, BIG FMIC SBR, Short route piping, HKS blow off valve, K&N

    97-99 Eclipse bumpers and side skirts. 99 Eclipse head lights and tail lights
    Custom build boost controller. Designed after Hallman
    New radiator
    Alternator and started both less than 2 or 3,000 miles
    New ball joints as well left upper and lower
    taylor wires
    GM maft
    Brand new Motegi racing 17's traklites only 12lbs each
    Brand new Falken tires less then 1,000 miles on them

    E-mail me at [email protected] if you want some pics since I don't really check SVTP too often.
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