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  • Good after noon Walt460 ; I am new to the forum here and seeking some guidance and tech info ... I have a 71 Bronco project that I have a 2017 3.5 twin turbo ecoboost I want to put in it / who might I reach out to to see if the ford control pack with work with my engine ? You time is appreciated
    Hey Walt, in a newbie on here and saw your posts on the 3.5l eco boost swap. Just wondering if it is a difficult swap to take on? I am thinking of buying a wrecked 2012 mustang with 3.7L and 6R80 trans cheaply. I have one in my sights that runs and lot drives. The column air bag has been deployed and it ripped the driver front wheel off. Do you think this will be a nightmare of a swap? I don't want to waste my time if it this won't work. Suggestions?
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