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    07-09 corsa mufflers and lethal off-road hpipe

    Is H pipe just a direct fit from factory? Shipping to 58554?
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    Deploying, whats the proper way to put car in storage?

    So the military is having me leave on a deployment, and will be gone before spring starts (won't be able to drive it until spring 2017). The car will be mostly undriveable while I'm here (North Dakota winters). I have a mostly stock 08. What should I do to make sure nothing goes wrong while it...
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    Belt slip?

    After shifting it seems that my belt is slipping. Only noticeable when shifting gears and at higher rpms, but sometimes during dd. Car does have 42k miles, maybe time for a new belt? Also made this noise with stock pulley, but I recently went to a 2.6. Maybe change my tensioner to the tightest...
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    FEELER Kenne Bell 2.8 MAMMOTH

    Putting a feeler up for Kenne Bell 2.8 MAMMOTH Supercharger. Was on car for 2k miles, no issues at all and am just wondering the current worth. Comes with Supercharger, TB, Intake tube and filter. Please serious offers/values please. Willing to sell, but in no hurry.
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    For Sale: OEM Tail Lights, Hood Struts, Brake Duct Bezels

    I'm selling my original tail lights, with bulbs. Nothing wrong just went aftermarket. Hood struts I got off another GT500 owner but never installed, and bake bezels for brake duct. The bezels are a little dirty in pics, but will clean up for sale. Everything works just fine. Tail Lights: 150 +...
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    Fair fight with a camaro, but srill definitely killed

    Fair fight with a camaro, but still definitely killed Found out a guy I'm in the military with picked up an '01 camaro. He was talking up his car a lot so I lined up my 08 GT500 with his and went at it. His mods are everything with the SLP package I believe it was called and headers. My mods...
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    WTS 2008 OEM Catback Exhaust

    Title says it all. Was on the car for 38xxx miles. A little worn but still sound great, can send pics tomorrow. Bought the Roush kit, nothing wrong with these. Local pickup preferred, but will ship at your cost. $175 + shipping OBO.
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    Boost Gage Stopped Working

    I just did a CAI and pulley swap on my car. Car is running well, but the factory boost gauge doesn't seem to work. Is there any nearby wiring that could have been messed with?? I've checked and nothing is loose/unhooked... Any suggestions?
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    Check Engine codes after mods install

    I just installed a 2.6 pulley, tensioner, CAI, thermostat, plugs, and tune. The check engine light came on and is throwing P0171 and P0174 (running lean) and there is that slight smell of it running lean in the garage when it idles. Took it out for a short around the block for a short casual...
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    New Mod Issues

    I just installed a 2.6 Metco supercharger pulley, steeda tensioner, spark plugs, JLT 123mm CAI, and Tuner. I installed all these parts and the car occasionally seems to crank over and then idle between 1300 RPMs and 300 RPMs, then die. The car tends to smell like it's running a little lean...
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    Supercharger Pulley Tool Won't come off

    I'm swapping the stock sc pulley to a metco 2.5. I just pulled the pulley off after some time, but the large middle welded bolt just turns clockwise and counterclockwise without moving in or out at all. How do I remove this? Is it suck?
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    2008 GT500 belt change

    I am trying to change the belt for a supercharger pulley replacement. I turn the bolt for the tensioner clockwise and it just seems to turn and not release. I'm not applying too terribly much pressure to it, also. Should I just apply a lot of pressure to it?