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    looking for the 315 on 9" contact patch picture

    tried searching but could not find it, I remember someone showing the comparison on the contact patch of a 315 on a 9" wheel vs the 10.5 and would like to have it to show people the difference
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    Dyno Challenge at MW

    I did not see this mentioned yet ( slow AFGHAN internet makes looking back to far really suck) 5.0 Magazine 2013 Dyno Challenge
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    Built 4r70W

    so other than SilverFox who build a good 4r70w?? will need to hold 900+#of torque
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    So other than this video being a commercial for DEAN guitars, I am really glad I stumbled across this bad Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed Off and Mad About It - YouTube
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    Air to Air Killer chiller

    is anyone running one?? Saw them on the site a few weeks back and wonder who may have run one Thermoelectric Cooler
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    Thanks Dan and Company

    Had Dan at Pro-Dyno fix the tune in the car at MW and here are the results of 14# of boost through an auto shifting to OD at 5700 when locked out :shrug:
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    Friend Needs some votes

    A friends little brother has made it to the second round of the American Eagle contest to be in AE ads. You can vote once a day. Please help this young Mustang Addict out Live Your Life | American Eagle Outfitters
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    8 Sept Macon National Dragway

    from the email September 8 Show Up & Show Out at the ZOO. The Return of Kryptonite out of the Coupe Performance Camp. Also that day will be a 28x10.5 Shootout(Nos), 5spd Hard Tire, 5.80 index, & a 6.0 index(bikes). Gates open @12. Racing @2 Macon National Dragway 460 woodland Rd...
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    Savannah River Dragway Aug 4th

    Thought I would post up and see if we can get some of the GA guys to ride out and race at SRD next weekend srdupdate for info
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    28 July Near Savannah

    Got a cal from a friend yesterday about a Cruise in at the Island Towne Center out on Whitemarsh, starts @ 630 and no end time was given. If you are free come hang out Google Maps
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    4r70W shifting into OD when told not to

    Any one know why the trans will shift into OD when turned off from the shifter or in the ECU?? was tuning the other day and had to get out of it early due to shifting to OD
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    Need 08 f150 V6 pin outs

    Going to help my XO with his truck and was wondering if anyone had the pin outs. Will be installing an alarm and remote start and who know what else he has stacked up
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    gt500 maf transfer function

    anyone have the transfer function for the GT500 MAF in a 83mm (3.25")tube? also under what table in live link do I find MAF volts, I see counts, load, KG/hr but not volts in the MAF tab
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    June 2nd Street Car Challenge, Macon National Dragway

    Rules for Event: No Roll Cages(Except RWYB) Mufflers Working Headlights & Taillights D.O.T. Approved Tires(Except RWYB-Max tire 28x10.5) Carpet & 2 front Seats **RULES ARE POSTED FOR A REASON** Classes: RWYB(Slicks & Roll Cages allowed) Hard Tire Big Wheels (22" or bigger) Import...
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    So how many.....

    As of right now there are 4 separate thread on Carroll Shelby dieing, anyone wanna guess how many more will get started tonite??