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  1. fulanititoo8198

    NITTO 18" TIRES, 555 and 555R

    Possibly interested in the 335's you ever come out towards Jacksonville?
  2. fulanititoo8198

    Drag Radial input needed

    OP you're in a similar boat as I am, the reality is you just can't have everything your asking for. I thought I could and wasted a ton of money, in the end I just decided to buy two sets of wheels. A street setup and a race setup. I just accepted the fact that 1st and 2nd will never hook, but...
  3. fulanititoo8198

    Good Car Cover

    I think mine is called a Covercraft Flex it's thicker than any other I've seen and a perfect fit. Definitely over priced though imo.
  4. fulanititoo8198

    New Laptop, $1,200 Budget. What would you buy and why.

    It depends what you are using it for, for just browsing and word processing, presentations, media we love our i7 Mac air. I'm not a Mac fan myself, but this one is very convenient and quick. We've had it for 4 years and it hasn't slowed down any or given us any issues. Still on the original...
  5. fulanititoo8198

    what is a good inexpensive every day commuter car?

    How are these 01-06 Focus? There are 226 of them FS near me under 3k.
  6. fulanititoo8198

    what is a good inexpensive every day commuter car?

    I'm also looking or a hoopty since my new job has parking in the dumps and I want good mpg... I've been looking at classifieds for a few weeks. You could consider a Versa, Civic, Focus, Camry, Accord to name a few.
  7. fulanititoo8198

    Dumbest thing you've done behind the wheel...

    Too many, but I might have pulled the e-brake on my mothers altima in the rain during a turn in an attempted drift with my two younger brothers in the car. Car ate the curb.
  8. fulanititoo8198

    badcobra vs 1100whp Switzer GT-R, stretched ZX-10R's, 1000whp Turbo Coyote

    Anytime I see a GTR getting waxed I'm happy especially by a Cobra. Reason being I'm aware of the type of owners usually associated with them.
  9. fulanititoo8198

    badcobra vs 1100whp Switzer GT-R, stretched ZX-10R's, 1000whp Turbo Coyote

    Damn that's a bad ass Cobra, what trans is in it?
  10. fulanititoo8198

    Dealing with Remote Buyers?

    I just went through this with my Evo 10, it was a pain in the ass. The bank the buyer was dealing with was extremely difficult and WOULD NOT send a check without receiving a signed bill of sale first. I was very uncomfortable with the situation, but did my best to verify everything. They refused...
  11. fulanititoo8198

    Weld RT-S 77's are on!

    That looks great, I like them better than the S71's I had.
  12. fulanititoo8198

    Vortech Coyote vs F1X GTO and 6766 Supra

    Those Supras never get old, I've been watching them roll race since I was a kid and I'm still not tired of them. Your car traps probably low 130's? That Supra is a 135-140 car I would guess.
  13. fulanititoo8198

    Best 20" tire that hooks on 900rwhp car

    On the street an S/S doesn't "dead" hook for me in 2nd on a roll with a lot less power and a 15". Cool part about the Mickey is that it eventually catches itself and hooks. I've seen claims of hooking with that much power on a warm 888 although I have my doubts.
  14. fulanititoo8198

    Built motor options

    Sub'd, I'm in the same boat. I wonder how many went with the MMR 1000 they used to advertise all the time for under 3k I believe.
  15. fulanititoo8198

    Looking to get E85 gauge/sensor, what brands are good?

    Not many reviews on that on SVT, try searching GTR and Evo forums via google plenty of info over there on these.
  16. fulanititoo8198

    How to messure acceleration 60 to 125 mph (100-200 Kmh)

    Usually people use VBOX I believe it's called. There is a database of 60-130 times for you to look at and compare. Just do hits using different techniques and see what gets you the better result.
  17. fulanititoo8198

    New Forgestars

    Hard to see them in the pictures, what took so long 66 days is a long time.
  18. fulanititoo8198

    Recommended boost gauges?

    AEM, Speedhut, Autometer, Prosport, are all fine. I've used all of them. Or just get a MAP sensor and wire it in to your logger.
  19. fulanititoo8198

    FREE legit vehicle history report =)

    Thanks worked nicely
  20. fulanititoo8198

    Hood struts

    REDLINE QUICKLIFT PLUS Since 2014, work perfectly, as of others mentioned no drill. Quick install. They haven't slowed down any, nice quality. Paid 89.99 at CJ for them.
  21. fulanititoo8198

    Question for guys that datalog with Livelink at the track

    What I do is plug in my laptop to a power converter so it's always on in the pits, connect to the car, leave laptop on. Once I turn the car on I just hit record as I'm getting ready to head to the lanes. It could use some streamlining, but it works. Thinking of going with a permanently installed...
  22. fulanititoo8198

    Anyone buy one of these yet?? Carbon fiber Steering wheel

    That would be a nice upgrade to the boat steering wheel.
  23. fulanititoo8198

    How long did your stock motor 700whp+ car live?

    I've been north of 650 since 2014. Not many miles on it maybe 10k, but that's 10k of mostly 1/4 passes and racing. Makes more with the turbo, but that's where I keep it. Always with good gas, usually E85.
  24. fulanititoo8198

    2011 5.0L Clutch Pedal Issue Fix

    I have the assembly message me your number I'll send you a picture.
  25. fulanititoo8198

    7:03... 3 pedals... America

    That is amazing to watch, I would have so much adrenaline I would probably pass out on the first corner.