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    vortech v2 si

    It’s been a bit since I read specs but out the box TFS 2 valve heads out flow CFMs or match C or B type 4 valve heads. If you’re in search of 800hp this baby blower won’t cut it. You will be better off starting with a JT trim.
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    vortech v2 si

    I run my V2 Si with 3.125” and 10% OD crank. The motor spins to 7k rpms which puts the blower a few thousand over max impeller speed. However, you would also need to factor slip. I have a std bore 4.6 with 17cc pistons, TFS 44cc heads and off the shelf TFS cams with the bigger specs. Bought all...
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    That what I bought, entry level whirlpool stuff. I have no leverage with Lowe’s. The old fridge still works. In-laws put epoxy on the crack and fixed the drain line. It lives in their garage as a backup. My home has Bosch appliances and the microwave latch switch striker plate worn to the...
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    My experience with Lowe’s warranty was similar. Third party that Lowe’s reps schedule for you. My rental home refrigerator was leaking water. Google said it is a common issue and I thought it would be corrected quickly. The repair people came to my residence, not my rental. Trouble ticket had...
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    Gas smell when getting on V1

    First pull them and check the gap and for signs of detonation. Up to you if want to go .028 and work your way up or work your way down from what you installed. Spark blow-out will cause your car to sputter. v1 s-trim not going to pump 20psi to a b-head 4 valve. Not enough supercharger. What...
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    Gas smell when getting on V1

    You saying you’re seeing 20lbs of boost with a v1? Is it a s-trim? If you’re running NGK TR6, those are 0.035” out of the box. Gap will depend on your car.
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    Gas smell when getting on V1

    Carrying forward from your other post. Pull your plugs and inspect and validate your actual gap. If it’s larger than .035” you’re getting blow out. Inpspect your MAF position and insure connections post MAF are secured and not leaking unmetered air. Inspect charge pipe between blower and...
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    New Vehicle Prices...

    lol, looking at all options to secure the best deal. I want to lease a expedition since they are ecoboost and I plan to tow a 6k-7klb travel trailer with it. Rather get a refresh every few years and not worry about the shortcomings of the ecoboost. My local dealer only showing 20 car in...
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    Ford Testing Twin Turbo 7.3L Godzilla

    If there ever a reason for this combination to make its way into an Expy, I’d be on it.
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    97 Cobra Vortec gas smell on acceleration

    Spark blow out and or leak after MAF. Could also be a boost leak. I’d really try and pull the pipes off to ensure they are secure.
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    Special Order 2021 Super Heavy Duty

    Wow. That is a beaut!
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    New Vehicle Prices...

    I’m wondering if there is any leverage with negotiating with lease options, since the used market at the moment is crazy high.
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    New Vehicle Prices...

    Issues of mildew and rodents? The industry I work in, if something is known to sit for a long time, that thing becomes free game for cannibalizing parts. Those replacement parts will only be replaced if the techs remember to write up a work order.
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    Greenland (2021) Comet Disaster Movie

    Definitely worth a watch.
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    New Vehicle Prices...

    After seeing this I will probably look into taking a lease for 2021 Expedition.
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    CAlly Rolling Blackouts

    They need to open up their pocket books and buy the power that is needed. With so many idled businesses the draw can’t be that demanding. They probably got to used to not having to buy coal energy to supplement the grid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manufacturer 84 at 0%

    I need the used market to correct in the next couple months. I can’t believe the advertised pricing on used trucks. My wife doesn’t understand why I wince at the thought of buying a used truck right now. I don’t want to feel like I got ripped off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oil pan/Vortech oil drain tap

    Patience and using a good taper punch, you will hit crank if the taper is too pointy, to get to the correct size to run NPT tap. Use lots of grease. I think I did half turn and backed out. Cleaned grease off, reapplied and another half turn. I did this like 14 years ago when I was 21 and I was...
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    Girls, girls, girls !!

    Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Silicone Wedding Ring

    Nope, never considered one either. I worked as a mechanic when I got married and I would take ring off before shift and put back in after shift. I don’t know how a ring is restrictive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hyundai Tucson owners

    The Sorento is comparable to Hyundai Santa Fe. The Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are comparable. I have a 2018 Sorento with v6 and I like it. The 19 MY has a 8 speed auto with same rated v6. I think the vehicle is too large for turbo 4 cylinder. If you go with Kia I’d go SX trim or SX...
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    WiFi mesh systems

    I run Orbi system in 2 story 3300 sqft home and nearly all of the home runs on 5ghz channel even half of the 3 car garage. I have their first generation mesh system and the only complaint is having to reset both routers every few months. I’m probably due to upgrade modem since I run a Motorola...
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    Skip a vacation to work?

    Isn’t there a bid process? Sounds like developer provides raw materials and you would just show up to rough-in and after inspection you terminate electrical systems? But still, wouldn’t you need to submit your bid and then go from there? I wouldn’t skip a planned vacation but then again I’m...