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    Rear Seats from a Vert

    Anyone have some they want to get rid of? Those Verts are HEAVY;-)
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    Dyno Day Update, Live from Alternative

    All here and accounted for, Dyno numbers VBAZ 400RWHP 381RWTQ IOPNER 515RWHP 450RWTQ Needs some work!! A/F never above 10.8 and best #'s were on the last pull 03TRMN8R on the dyno right now!! More to come.
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    Vendor Discount Suggestions

    MCT, I have been working on getting us as many discounts as possible. Quite a few in the works right now. But I want to hear form you!! What kind of parts are we all looking at a discount on? Any and all feedback is appreciated. IOPNER
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    Anyone with aftermarket seats - In Here PLEASE

    I need some pictures of the brackets used to bolt the seats to the Floor Pan. The brackets I recieved today, don't come close to fitting. HELP!!! Pic's of my problems and a teaser of my new seats.....
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    Seat's are here FINALLY!!

    I will post pics as soon as I get home and get them in
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    'Ford Parts' who has the hook up?

    I thought someone could get genuine ford parts at or near cost? I need a new upper rad cover. Never try to close your hood with your keys sitting on the cover:bash: :bash: If some one can help me out that would be great!! Thanks, Tom
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    KB is on!!

    Here it is!! Big thanks to Kevin and Joe for 'Helping' on the instal!!
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    What Can BROWN do for you?

    Well for me, they just delivered this. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
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    "De-Mod" Party, if you could call it that

    Guy's I was wondering if anyone was available to help a brother out? I am taking off my ported blower. Anyone that could make it out it would be great!! Only problem is I need to do it Monday night the 26th, I am planning on starting at about 5:00pm. Hopefully finishing up a few hrs later...
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    Who's thinking about getting a Whipple

    Just curious. The thought HAS crossed my mind. :idea:
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    All I have to say is "HOLY $HIT"

    I actually got to drive my car today. HUGE THANKS goes out to Jeff (FS Mach1) for letting me borrow his stock drivers seat out of his Mach1 race car. First time I've actually driven it since The end of Oct:rollseyes Last time I drove it I had just a filter and my Mufflers cut out. Now, Ported...