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    Do I need a retune?

    Thank you. Thank you
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    Do I need a retune?

    I plan on adding 18% OD crank pulley and bleed of the boost at 16-1/2 psi with Boost Limiter Valve (BLV). I'm looking for more low end torque. I have a drawthrough MAF. I contacted 928 motorsports where I bought it from, the guy told me"no" with no further deatils. He said the boost...
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    E85 What do I need, help please.

    I could only muscled out about 600 rwhp with my 5.1, 2V, Paxton 18+ psi on a 91 octane mix half and half with 101 octane. Anymore it could blow up. What do I need to run an E85, please help. Do I need to change injectors? I know I have to change fuel pump and fuel lines, fuelhat, tank etc...
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    Two kills in the morning

    I have not been here for a while. As a matter of fact, I haven't drive my car for a long, long time.... Recently, I added an Edelbroke Intake, Fay 2 watts link and dump exhaust. The car feels strong but I have not race anyone since. I rolled up to the stop lights, A Mazda 6 rolled up next to...
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    Set 4 with 58 mm upgrade turbo and other mods.

    Anyone who own a neon please chime in. How much HP will it make to the wheels? Just curious I have a 2v GT with Paxton, 5.1 liter. Prior to new intake, new T body and slip clutch, I was making 590 rwhp. Right now the car is running rich and untune. Current Hp dropped to 502 rwhp. Can I...
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    Edlebrock 4.6 intake is in the car

    I swapped my PP intake with an Edlebrock performer intake for a 4.6 engine. I haven't get my car re-tune or dyno yet. The car drives much smoother between changing gears (no hiccup). At low RPM, I notice an ample amount of low end torque lost but after 2500 rpm, all hell broke loose. I would...
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    Need help please

    I'm trying to replace my 03-04 Cobra fuel hat with a Bob Kurgan fuel hat with dual Ford GT pumps. How do I hook up these wires to the stock wiring connector. All BK hat has are red and black wires. Thank you Ted
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    2015 Mustang 2.3 Economy Boost

    Well, I was at the dealer today looking at a 2015 Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost. The price for fully loaded is 3,5000. I think that was too steep. How much do you think it would be a fair price with tax out the door? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
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    May be somebody posted this already? Does anyone know how much a 2015 Mustang 5.0 cost? I'm thinking about selling one of my car and buy a new one. Thank you.
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    Was it a race, a kill or a close encounter?

    I was on my way home doing about 35 mph (speed limit) on a quiet road. As I came to a 4 ways stop, a newer Blue Camaro SS approaching the stop signs waiting to turn right. Since I stopped first, he pulled right behind me. He then proceeded to ride my a$$. I stayed at 35 mph but kept my...
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    2013 Boss fair price?

    I looked at a 2013 boss at a local dealer. A salesman wanted to sell it to me at $45,000. He said there is no mark up, is that a good price? Thanks
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    which clutxh is better?

    Exedy Mach 600 stage 4 or SPEC stage 3+ (pedal effort, longivity, chatter etc). Also what are the symptoms of clutch slipping? When I backed up my car into the driveway or drove forward, I could hear a grinding noise. It felt like the clutch was not engaged all the way. My driveway is not...
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    Intake, T body and elbow changed.

    I installed a Edelbrock intake, 78 mm BBK t-body/ elbow on my car. Now it goes lean at 4000k, 12.5-1 A/F. I need a re- tune right? I also installed a 200 amp Power Master alternator. My car runs way smoother now at part throttle. No more miss firing at low RPM, how come? Have I been...
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    Help turbo guy

    I'm thinking about getting a turbo hot side from CG fab. They don't come with down pipe. Is it possible for me to have a downpipe go to dual pipes. Then route the pipes around both side of the engine to the midpipe (x-pipe) and catbacks. I just don't want to use a single down pipe goes out...
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    5.4 Short block

    Well I'm looking at CHP 5.4 liter street/strip from CHP. Also I'm thinking about MMR too but the price is not right yet. 1. Does anyone knows about 5.4 CHP shortblock, is it reliable? 2. Can I take off the heads on my 5.1 stroker and transfer them to the new block? 3. Do you think I...
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    Innovatorwest 18% OD pulley 99-94 GT

    Has anyone ever use it IW 8ribs, 18% OD pulley, 99-04? Will it clear the water pump pulley? My car did not pass smog CA, any tips? I have A Paxton Novi 2000, AFM power pipe, 5.1 stroker, Edlebrock intake, BBK 78mm t-body/elbow, bassani mid-lenghts, hi flow cats x-pipe, borla exhaust...
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    2013 gt, 5.0

    Just test drove one. Awesome for a new car with 400+HP. Now what would be a fair price for it. Dealer wants $37,800 plus tax and fees. I think that is rediculously high (fully loaded) thanks.
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    Black chrome wheels

    Please. Post them especially if you have a laser red with black chrome bullit. Thamks
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    Here are my problems on my car. (T-56 transmission) Car stumbling when drive slow. Also when it's decelarate. It feels like it is possessed. Driving up or backing up to the incline driveway. Gear does not engaged all the way. First and reverse. Clonking noise when put in gear. (U-joints...
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    Got chased down by a 5.0

    On my way out from Subway parking lot, I noticed a blue 11/12, 5.0 was behind me about 5-6 cars. Once in the street, the 5.0 gave chased. He came up to me pretty quick on the left side. I thought he was going to fly by me but he just sat next to me. As we hit the red lights, he start revving...
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    My car feels like a 590 rwhp again, thanks to KB bas. I'm using FMS 03 Cobra plugs gapped them to .40 with KB bas turned up to 45%. It feels like a different car now. No more missfiring at low rpm. I also added Snowperformance Methanol kit. And waiting for a new tune, just need money.
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    Bbk 78mm t-body/elbow

    Anyone has ever try it? Any real life dyno's numbers.
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    Mechanical or tuning problem

    I've just got off the phone with an owner of the local performance shop. My car has a drivability issue. It loaded up from idle to about 2k (part throttle). When I gun my car, it hesitate for a couple of second then the monster came out. I call him to see if I can get my car tune to get rid...