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    Can I get a new Signature And Avatar Please?

    Can you make this one into a Signature : And this one into an avatar : Thank you!!!
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    FS/FT : 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

    Name : Chris Means of Contact : PM or Phone (757-270-5132) Location : Virginia Beach,VA Reason for Sale : Upcoming Deployment Asking Price : 13,000 OBO (price is Negotiable) Trades : Entertaining all REASONABLE OFFERS Vehicle Description : Up for sale is my 1999 SVT Cobra. This...
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    03 04 Foglight Question

    Hey,I recently did the 03 04 cobra front bumper swap on my 99,and im having an issue. I ordered Foglights for the bezels through ebay and tried to place them inside the bezels. They did not fit. If you took the glass housings off the bezels,they would fit right in,but with them on,there was no...
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    Ford Racing?? Ford GT "Blue" Cam covers??

    Hey steve Can you get me a price on the Ford GT blue Cam covers?? thanks! - chris
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    03 04 fog to 99 01 harness splice kit and other parts

    Hey steve,I just wanted to know how much these items were : 1. the splice kit for the 03 04 fogs to work with the 99-01 pigtail harnesses 2. 99-04 Mustang Third brake light 3. The mounting hardware for the front chin spoiler for a 03-04 cobra front bumper 4. The mounting hardware...
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    The ever so annoying "clutch pedal rattle",any solutions??

    My clutch pedal rattles really bad,Im pretty sure a lot of other peoples has too. Does anyone have a solution to resolve this problem?
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    Fuel leak problem,need help asap.

    Ok, the background story : When I first purchased the car,I was filling the car up at a gas station. Apparently the gas pump I was at didnt have a pump actuator to stop the fuel from pumping once the tank was full. Needless to say I had fuel coming out of the tank from overflow. Ever since...
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    Replacing the Coolant resevoir tank?

    Right now im in the process of dressing the car up to look better for the summer. The only reason im asking about this,is because ive seen some new edge cars(or they might be terminators) where the coolant resevoir tank was replaced with an "LFP" type black box,that looks waaaay better IMO. Im...
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    Wheel/Spacer/Tire questions?

    I searched many pages,and couldnt find the answers I was looking for. 1. I plan on mounting nitto 555 285-40-zr17's on some replica 03-04 chrome cobras. I didnt want to go with a 315,because of price reasons,and the fact that my power level isnt high enough to need that type of tire. I want...
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    Questions about 03 04 bumper and 99-01 hood

    I have a 03 04 cobra front bumper that I want to put on. But ive noticed a few guys that put them on,and leave the factory hood on,it hits the top of the bumper where the two "forks" are. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? like shaving the inside of the hood down some...
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    03 04 Side scoops?

    Hey steve can I get a price quote on the 03-04 side scoops?? thanks
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    Questions about terminator front bumper cover

    I just purchased a terminator front bumper cover for my 99 new edge. I had a couple questions : 1. I REALLY dont want to drill holes in the bumper for the license plate. But in the state of VA,its illegal to not have a license plate on your front bumper. Does anyone have any decent...
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    How much time would you give a seller to ship an Item??

    Note : The seller/shipper will remain nameless,because I am giving him a wide margin of error before I start to get disgruntled. I made a thread in september regarding how many pieces there where to the 03 04 sideskirts because im making a swap. Well I ended up picking up the long pieces...
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    For Sale : 99-01 Cobra Coupe Eibach Sportline Rear Springs

    For sale : 99-01 Rear Eibach sportline springs I bought them about 3 months ago,and they have probably between 500-700 miles on them. Do not need them anymore 115$ obo.
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    Quick Questions about the X3

    I just got my X3 today and uploaded the custom tune they sent me with the Tuner. It didnt really come with good instructions so I THINK I uploaded everything correctly. 1. Once you upload the tune,can you leave the X3 unplugged from the port underneath the dash?? 2. Where is the option...
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    Having a troubled time finding tires

    I have been looking for tires in the 295 range for the rear of my car,but I havent been having luck finding any decent websites (tirerack,etc) that have tires of that size in stock. Can anyone recommend me a website that has a good selection??? thanks! - chris
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    03-04 side skirt pieces, Quick question

    I know theres 4 pieces to the 03-04 side skirts correct? the rocker panels,and then the smaller pieces. Well theres a good deal that im looking at,but the guy only has the larger rocker panel pieces. How hard would it be to find the smaller pieces,or could I just get them from tously?? Also,can...
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    Terminator factory pistons limit??

    I picked up a set of factory 03-04 pistons up from another member not too long ago. I just wanted to know what is the potential or limit of these pistons on a blower setup?? (D1sc) thanks !
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    SCT X2 vs. X3???

    I am getting ready to purchase a tuner on payday coming up,and I was wondering if there was any main differences between the beloved x2,and the new x3?? I know they are the same price,but would it be better to stick with the x2 since so many mustang tuners know it already?? or are the tuning...
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    decision on rims,need your input

    Well I have done a lot of performance oriented things to my new edge since I bought it in May. But I havent really done anything to the appearance the of the car. The car is in decent shape exterior wise,but I think I need to balance out the mods a little. So of course I want to get some...
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    cutting 99 rear springs

    I am in the process of buying some factory 99 cobra springs to cut and install on my already lowered new edge. I currently have sportlines in the rear,but the drop is too low,and I wanted to throw a taller spring in the back. I want the car to have a "SLIGHT" rake,nothing too crazy,just raised...
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    Questions about my recent gear swap

    I just had a few quick questions about my recent gear swap (3.27's to 4.10's) 1. Will a SCT xcal tuner be able to reset my speedometer calibration,or do I have to get that "Speedcal" program?? 2. After the 500 mile break in period (I am at 250 miles),what kind of gear oil do you...
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    Swapping new edge front bumper for terminator..question.

    A guy wants to trade me his terminator bumper (off his 99-04 V6 coupe) for my new edge front bumper. He keeps wondering if the swap is going to be a direct swap,and keeps bringing up the "grille" delete that "might not" work when we swap the cars. I believe it should be a straight forward swap...
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    Thinking about gears as next mod,what all do I need?

    Im seriously thinking about ring and pinion gears as the next modification to the car right now. Last week I did the front brakes,and im happy with the braking power for now,until I do the rear. The only thing thats pretty much missing from my suspension is : Front bumpsteer kit (with x2 ball...
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    installing poly isolators on rear springs,write up?

    I am attempting to put poly isolators on my sportlines in the rear this weekend. The car sits a tad too low for my liking right now,and I wanted to do everything I can to raise it up. I just had a few questions : 1. Switching from rubber to poly isolators will raise the car how much? A half...