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  1. Diablo Mike

    Holley MoParty

    It was a great event but the rain spoiled some of the fun. Still an awesome turnout with all forms of Mopar vehicles represented.
  2. Diablo Mike

    Holley MoParty

    I heard several people question whether it was a diesel once they saw the hood pop. Clearly they hadn't heard it running all weekend, lol.
  3. Diablo Mike

    Holley MoParty

    Here's a few of the cool things I came across last week at MoParty in Bowling Green. I'll start with this, to keep the Mustang fanbase happy :) TT 426 Hemi swapped. Awesome build, gorgeous car. Next up, Drag Paks: And this one was my absolute favorite of the event. Compound Boosted, Hemi...
  4. Diablo Mike

    RoadKill Nights

    They were told they had to use a DOT tire. We suggested the ET Street R but of course, good luck finding them. So they got a slightly used set and some Hoosier radials. The ET Street was the obvious choice for Woodward but when 2 of the cars showed up on slicks…one of them on giant Goodyear’s...
  5. Diablo Mike

    RoadKill Nights

    We politely referred to Alex Taylor’s car as the ProMod. Lol. That thing was serious. It didn’t need more power…but could have handled it.
  6. Diablo Mike

    RoadKill Nights

    getting the throtl car to hook was an exercise in futility. The car was making ALL the boost and no matter how much we tried to soften it up down low it was too much torque for that road to hold. 24-25 psi on the stock blower is no joke!
  7. Diablo Mike

    RoadKill Nights

    We attended Roadkill Nights last weekend at the M1 Concourse on Woodward ave. It was an awesome day of legal street racing, car shows, burnouts and donuts! Dodge put on a hell of a show out there, can't wait to do it again next year. Heres a little wrap up video we put together. Enjoy.
  8. Diablo Mike

    1,914 HP NEVERA vs PLAID * The Quickest Production Cars in the World DRAG RACE

    Such words have never been spoken before in regards to 2 streetcars. Crazy times.
  9. Diablo Mike

    Do you like Elon Musk?

    He’s easy to hate on but he backs up most of his crazy talk. People laughed when he said he would take people to space. Now he has govt contracts to launch satellites, and people to both orbit and the moon. The MOON! He’s done for the space industry what the entire world has been unable to do...
  10. Diablo Mike

    Rolex Reunion 2021 photo dump

    So much awesome. That GT40 with the orange wheels...yes. JPS F1 car? OK :D Gulf liveried GT40. Wow. Amazing machines all of them.
  11. Diablo Mike

    Something new

    Sick ride. Congrats. Is whipple gonna do a GenV 3.0 for the C6??
  12. Diablo Mike

    My New TrackHawk!

    Well you ain’t messing around. Very nice. I do have to agree with Klaus though. This is an overkill build if you don’t plan to run E85. We made ~800 on 93 on our Redeye and nobody wanted to make more than one pass like that before we switched it to E.
  13. Diablo Mike

    My New TrackHawk!

    Very nice. Needs a pulley and a tune :) 80+ awhp all day.
  14. Diablo Mike

    nice collection of ford statues here

    Loved the recent vid Evan did with Jack Roush and the old Boss prototype.
  15. Diablo Mike

    2022 Audi RS e-tron GT - Good Looking Car!

    It’s actually a redesigned Taycan and looks very similar from certain angles.
  16. Diablo Mike

    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    2.3 to 60, in the wet. Lol. Unreal.
  17. Diablo Mike

    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    Most any decent track already has chargers you can hook up your RV to. When we were at the track with the Plaid he was charging it there when needed.
  18. Diablo Mike

    WOW Insane speed in the standing mile !

    Props to anyone willing to let the nitrous flow for that long! Was crazy watching the speedo. it went from 60-90 with wheelspin in NO TIME!
  19. Diablo Mike

    Jesko Absolut

    Guys like him, and Mate Rimac, are doing big things over there in Europe. I love that Koenigsegg looks at almost every aspect of a car and says why?...then says, we can do it better.
  20. Diablo Mike

    Jesko Absolut

    This thing is sick.
  21. Diablo Mike

    Who remembers FFW

    A little relic of the Pro 5.0 days. We used to have a giant Pro 5.0 Class Banner hanging in the old shop, wish I knew where it was these days.
  22. Diablo Mike

    2023 C8 Z06 news

    High expectations…
  23. Diablo Mike

    Full ****ing Send!

    She did
  24. Diablo Mike

    Who remembers FFW

    Classic statement. Man those things were glass!!